Canadians Overwhelmingly Believe Climate Change Is Occurring

By | August 24, 2012

Only two per cent of Canadians believe climate change is not occurring, a new important survey released today by IPAC-CO2 Research Inc. concluded.

The survey comes on the heels of Alberta Premier Alison Redford's recent push for a National Energy Strategy, which would address the future of Canada's oil and gas industries, and its approach to carbon management.

"Our survey indicates that Canadians from coast to coast overwhelmingly believe climate change is real and is occurring, at least in part due to human activity" explained Dr. Carmen Dybwad, CEO of the environmental non-government organization said. "These findings have been consistent from 2011 and 2012. Canadians care about issues like extreme weather, drought and climate change."

Opinions about the cause of climate change and how to combat it are, however, sharply divided among the provinces. …

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  1. kalosoft

    Does anyone really believe climate on Earth is static the way it is, never changed and never will? Earth started as a very hot planet and then life itself shaped it the way it is right now and continues to affect it. On top of it it went through multiple Ice Ages already, pretty major temperature changes.
    On top of it our activity is affecting it of course. We lived to become “high-maintenance” a lot of energy consuming creatures and we happen to be billions in number, so we are and will continue to affect the climate of Earth.

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