Can you hear this fast?

By | August 13, 2013

You’ve probably heard the Stevie Wonder song “Superstition”. I’ve been tripping out on the horn part. I actually found the horns alone and I’m still not certain of the exact notes in the trill. (This is a real track from the actual song. The horns start about half way through.)

Have a listen and see if you can transcribe this part. To me it is all black keys:

Eb, Eb – Gb, Ab, Bb, (trill: Db, Eb, Bb), Eb, Eb.

Can any horn players out there who have nailed this song tell me if I have the notes on the trill right?

Here’s how I hear it:

That’s my version of the horn part with me playing the drums and keyboard background (not accurate, but okay for a foundation for the horn part).

As I worked on it, I think the trill is more like six notes (Db, Eb, Db, Eb, Bb).


Also, could sampled horns ever play this fast and sound real? My horns are from a classical virtual instrument and they sound a little too precise or something. Okay, one problem is that I don’t have a saxophone in my version…

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