Brit invents underwater scooter

By | November 1, 2010

HyrdoBOB /Andrew Sneath/Solent News/RexA British inventor has created a new underwater scooter that allows tourists to explore coral reefs without learning to scuba dive – or even swim.

Holidaymakers can sit on the HydroBOB and dive to depths of 100ft at tourist sites around the world.

Andrew Sneath, HydroBOB designer and company founder, said: “With minimal training the rider can cruise the underwater world without the need to wear cumbersome dive equipment.”

Mr Sneath, a former car factory worker from Bromsgrove, near Birmingham, now based in Florida, added: “Riding HydroBOB is a unique memorable experience of a life time.”

The HydroBOB’s helmet-like dome contains an air bubble that is continually filled with oxygen from an onboard tank.

The clear acrylic dome gives a 180 degree view and the oxygen tank is big enough to give over an hour’s use before resurfacing.

Users don’t need goggles, breathing apparatus or a wet suit. They can wear glasses and even talk underwater.

A 12 volt battery stored under the seat allows the scooter to move at two knots. Depth is controlled by a bounce bag, similar to that worn by a scuba diver to control buoyancy.

Users are given a simple ten minute briefing on underwater signalling and how to equalise the pressure in their ears.

Hydrodome has made 350 HydroBOBs – or breathing observation bubbles – for rental at tourist destinations worldwide, including the Bahamas, Australia and Tenerife. …

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