Brazilian Woman Survives 6 Shots to Head

By | November 11, 2006

Brazilian Woman Survives 6 Shots to Head

A woman was released from the hospital a day after she was shot in the head six times in an attack police blamed on her ex-husband, Brazilian media reported Saturday.

Patricia Goncalves Pereira, a 21-year-old housewife, was shot Friday after an altercation with her ex-husband, who was upset because she refused to get back together with him, Globo TV reported.

“I know this was a miracle,” Pereira told the TV network. “Now I just want to extract the bullets and live my life.”

Doctors could not explain how Pereira survived the attack. The .32-caliber bullets didn’t break through her skull and didn’t even need to be immediately extracted, doctors said. Pereira also was shot once in the hand.

Police said the ex-husband was still at large, Globo TV reported. – forbes

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