Billionaire’s sex cave plans

By | June 15, 2008

Dr. Nicholas III: photo from blog.jambaz, original source unknown

Now, imagine you are a 6ft 6in genius billionaire. What would you build under your mansion, a Bat Cave or a Sex Cave? Yeah baby.

The alleged plans for the covert underground hideaway, to be connected to Nicholas’ Laguna Hills home, were detailed by Roman James of Newport Beach, the lead contractor on the project, and six other contractors, engineers and construction workers who worked on it and filed a lawsuit against Nicholas in 2002. – lat

Dr. Henry T. Nicholas, III, (b.1959) co-founded Broadcom Corporation, an American supplier of integrated circuits for broadband communications. He was its President and Chief Executive officer from its inception in 1991 until January, 2003.[1] He is currently under indictment for felony drug conspiracy. [2] Nicholas is ranked number 195 on the 2007 list of Forbes’ richest Americans, with a net worth of $2.3 billion. [3]

Henry Nicholas III had the makings of a real-life “Iron Man.”

He was a 6-foot-6 genius billionaire with a chiseled frame, physical endurance and a taste for fast cars and gadgets.

He even had a secret cave.

And like the best-drawn comic-book heroes, the founder of chip-making firm Broadcom was haunted by demons: His sister was brutally murdered in 1984, and his father abandoned the family when Nicholas was 4.

But the Southern California tech whiz’s larger-than-life pedigree didn’t lead to a crime-fighting alter ego. Rather, it allegedly spurred marathon drug-fueled orgies inside his very own Xanadu, a suite in a warehouse in Laguna Niguel, Calif.

In an Oriental-themed, tricked-out parlor, Nicholas, his friends and a bevy of prostitutes would party and have sex for days – abusing cocaine, laughing gas and other drugs, as music from such chart-toppers as Led Zeppelin and Phil Collins played, according to court papers and a former employee.

The worker said the parlor had six couches. The main room was fashioned in a Far East motif and adorned in rugs and statues, including a four-foot stone figure of Medusa. There was a Jacuzzi for six. A bedroom in the back was used for sex and sleeping, the worker said.

… “The parties would last for 24 hours straight, sometimes longer,” the worker told The Post last week. But the high times came crashing down for Nicholas, 48, during the past year as court documents filed by former employees seeking back pay painted the billionaire as prone to making death threats against workers. – nypost

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