Billion-dollar pictures

By | March 31, 2009

Alan Boyle has this interesting entry on CosmicLog:

Is one picture worth a hundred billion dollars? That’s the mostly-in-jest price tag that was put on this week’s portrait of the virtually complete international space station. Pictures may not be the most practical payoff from space exploration, but they’re definitely the biggest crowd-pleasers, as demonstrated by the latest batch of “Month in Space” pictures.

The entertainment value of imagery from the final frontier is just one of the five E’s that justify jumping off this planet. The space station is expected to contribute to the other E’s as well – for example, through proposed energy-beaming experiments and a host of studies aimed at smoothing the way for future exploration.

When all that research is added to images such as this week’s “$100 billion photographs,” does that make the estimated cost of the space station project worth it?

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Would you need a billion dollars to get to that place in space with a camera that could do the job and take that photo? Perhaps. I’d like to see a photo essay that is “Photos of Things that Cost a Billion Dollars.”

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