Bigfoot Skeletons?

By | February 4, 2004

There was a claim by “Pete Kantner” that Archaeologist Dr. Jan Margate discovered the first Bigfoot skeletons while searching for Indian relics east of Seneca in the Malheur National Forest. “This discovery of a gigantic burial mound in the Oregon wilderness has stunned scientists who say that the plot is littered with the bones of hundreds of Bigfoots – the most elusive creatures known to man!” You won’t find this in our bigfoot article because the above came from the August 10, 1993, Weekly World News a tabloid that prints fun stories. Read more of it here. If it was legit, you’d see where the Dr. works, you’d be able to find some other story written by Pete Kantner (the supposed author of the article) and you’d be able to look up Dr. Jan Margate on google. There is no Margate in the registry of professional archaeologists. My quick research says the story may have been written by a writer named Chip Rowe. There is a Seneca OR and there is obsidian east of Seneca in the Malheur National Forest. There are Indian artifacts, including a 7,500+ year old obsidian tool workshop.

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