Bigfoot Captured? Bigfoot Invisible?

By | August 24, 2005

Bigfoot Captured Bigfoot Invisible

“First hour guest, cryptozoologist Loren Coleman reacted to Tom Biscardi’s Bigfoot hunt. On Friday night’s program, Biscardi claimed his group had captured one of the creatures and he would be presenting photos of it on Monday. ” … more

Remember, extraordinary claims demand extraordinary proof. No pics or video of something like this in this day and age would almost certainly make it a hoax.

Also check out PearlJo’s recent PPIT pictures of an invisible bigfoot. The theory of how they might become invisible is Photosynthetic Piezoelectric Induced Transparency.

3 thoughts on “Bigfoot Captured? Bigfoot Invisible?

  1. P. Hebert

    I think your on to something, I often thought this could be true, I am a timber buyer, and walk woods daily in MI. some of these wood are pretty remote land owners and often smell what I assumed were bear, but now I will be looking toward the ground for prints now more often.

  2. D-man

    As a supernatural being,bigfoot would certainly be capable of such abilities.This is the reason for the bigfoot community’s lack of sucess in trying to prove the creature’s existence.

    1. Xeno Post author

      Do you think Bigfoot may materialize and leave a print and then vanish, not just with camouflage, but actually vanish? People in the New Age religion talk a lot about “other dimensional beings” but I don’t think there’s ever been any evidence beyond imagination and speculation for anything like that.

      Physics forum has an interesting speculative discussion about the seeming godlike powers of a being from another dimension.


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