An Inconvenient Truth: Hey You! Plant Trees, Quick!

By | June 29, 2006

An Inconvenient Truth Hey You Plant Trees QuickI just saw Al Gore’s movie about global warming. It was, for me, eye opening and hopeful. Gore is a true leader. Smart, articulate, motivational, and realistic yet positive. It is obvious, watching him speak, that the entire world would be a better place today if the real choice of the American people that he be president was not usurped by Bush’s supreme court, anthrax, and 9/11 coup.

Key points of the movie are: 1) There is NOT disagreement among scientists about the fact that humans are the cause of global warming and that it is real. This belief, this doubt, is an oil and auto industry advertising scam. 2) It is not too late to change the world. We can. We have the technology… if we have the political will. See: StopGlobalWarming, GreenHouseNet, ClimateChange.Net. 3) If we do nothing, we face heat increasing to the point where human life on the surface of the Earth will end.

So, I have a few days off. I’m going to see how much good I can do in a short time. Plant trees? (see these guides 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Buy different light bulbs? Find a propagandist for an oil company and break all his pens and pencils?

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