Video: An End To Us. – Operation Paul Revere

By | July 19, 2013

An End To Us. - Operation Paul Revere

An End To Us. – Operation Paul Revere Contest – YouTube.

Do what you can, so this will never be.

Watch more nutty stuff here

I’ve wondered if Alex Jones is funded by foreign governments, but I think probably not. In the past there was much concern and belief by US leaders that the Soviets were behind this, but after way too much spying they didn’t find that to be the case. Americans just want to be free and they don’t need to be Communists to fear their government has grown too big and too arrogant.

Infowars’s biggest and most important contest ever with $115,000 in cash prizes

Thanks to all the contestants, we received over 600 films and what you are seeing is a collection of selected entries with outstanding information, production values and shown exemplary activism. All entries are now closed.


July 22nd: Finalists

July 25th: 3rd Place winner $5,000.00

July 26th: 2nd Place winner $10,000.00

July 29th: Grand Prize winner $100,000.00

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