A Second Big Bang in Geneva?

By | April 1, 2010

Champagne bottles were popped Tuesday in Geneva where the largest science machine ever built finally began to smash subatomic particles together. After 16 years–and an accident that crippled the machine a year and a half ago–the Large Hadron Collider successfully smashed two beams of protons at the astounding energy of 3.5 trillion electron volts apiece. This act produced temperatures not seen since the Big Bang occurred 13.7 billions years ago.

via Michio Kaku: A Second Big Bang in Geneva? – WSJ.com.

One thought on “A Second Big Bang in Geneva?

  1. xag-apziq (Ann)

    Wow! I got a message from xag-apziq about the breath-taking temperatures reached by the Hadron Collider:

    “Earthlings, Earthlings –
    Proud are you of your little toys. On my planet we accomplished this trifle feat 1000s of your Earth-years ago… ”

    Amazing huh? But, it kind of puts things in a certain perspective. His email makes me want to hear the news from Iraq and Afghanistan while sitting on a tree branch eating bananas.

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