Video: A Message and Contest from Jason Mraz – Pledge to Vote

By | October 25, 2008

A Message and Contest from Jason Mraz - Pledge to VoteMy band Xenophilia played several shows with Jason in Sacramento and San Francisco right before he hit the big time so it is always fun for me to check in on what he is up to. I get to see Jason play at UC Davis on Nov 3rd (sold out show), the day before we all VOTE. And speaking of voting, here is Jason, speaking of voting:

This is for our college students out there! … This election is very close to Jason’s heart and he is very excited to be apart of the movement. Exercise your voice and get out to the polls this November!

PS. If you can see Jason Mraz live, do. I’ve been around hundreds of singer songwriters as a performer myself and as an Open Mic Night host in Sacramento, but I’ve only met a few cats who had perfect pitch like Jason as well as the creativity and positivity to cause people to just freak out and buy CDs like crazy.€  Bobby McFarrin and Sonia and sister Cindy from “Disappear Fear” are two others.€  Sonia signed my guitar and Disappear Fear came to see Xenophilia play once. Ah, seems so long ago.€  I’ve had a lucky life. Beautiful people. Beautiful places. Great food. Freedom. Sunshine. Music. And actually, as much love as I would let in. Isn’t that the truth?

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  1. Xeno

    Not sure. I asked iLike. They may keep it on the lowdown until after he does the show, to avoid certain hassles. Just a guess.


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