A Government Null and Void?

By | April 14, 2006

A Government Null and Void

Roberts delaying Phase II; Whines and spins

“Actually, the legitimacy of the entire government is on the line here if they ever officially admit they lied the nation into a war. … when the government lies to the people, such as is clearly the case with the public reasons given for the war in Iraq, the government acts unconstitutionally and illegally.

A government that lies to the people ceases to be the lawful government of this land.

For Roberts to officially admit that the reasons given for the Iraq war are lies and deceptions opens up the government to wrongful injury/death lawsuits from every family member of every slain or wounded service person. And, since the war was started with lies, the general taxpaying public is legally in their rights to refuse to pay for any of it, since a war stared with lies is not legal under the US Constitution.

Our nation is founded on the principle of rule with the consent of the governed. I don’t know anyone who consents to be lied to. No court would enforce such a silly notion anyway. One cannot agree to be lied to since by definition, one cannot know what one is actually agreeing to, hence any such contract is unenforcible.” – WRH

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