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By | September 12, 2013

9/11 VideosIf 9/11 was not an inside job, there are a lot of questions that need to be answered. This web site has a few of them.

  • Various administration officials, with slips of the tongue, deny the official story and admit to complicity in 9/ to watch
  • The Man Who Knew: Frontline documentary on John O'Neill. For six years he was the FBI (Federal Bureau of Investigation) 's top man on Al Qaeda, then became the head of security for the World Trade Center.
  • 9/11 Mysteries. A Bush supporter set out to debunk the 9/11 conspiracy theories about the collapse of the towers and ended up convinced Bush's explanation is untrue. His film is angrier than most since he feels particularly betrayed. This focuses on the physical evidence of the tower collapses to build an extremely compelling case that the buildings were taken out with pre-planted demolition explosives not by fire and structural damage as Bush claims. This is the only documentary that mentions my key objection to the Bush story, namely that the first half of the collapse happened much faster than even free fall in a vacuum as predicted by Newton's equation:
    d = ¬Î©gt‰¤

    They found a non-mathematical way to explain the anomaly. In other words, the speed of the collapse was not possible without an explosive push, not just gravity. It also discusses the massive pieces of debris, larger than an airliner blasted and embedded into neighbouring buildings. Bush's story has no explanation for such large lateral forces. The video has been withdrawn from Google without explaination.

  • Loose Change: excellent, exceedingly comprehensive video about what happened around 9/11 day by day, blow by blow. Second revision: click to watch Done in a Dragnet, just-the-facts-Mam style, without emotion and with little commentary. It is about the physical evidence, not so much about motive and politics and lies. It just tells you what happened, and you can see how Bush's story is simply preposterous on nearly every count. If you watch this movie, then double check its facts, it should be absolutely impossible to continue to believe Bush's conspiracy theory. In this video, there is plenty of evidence that not only did Bush know 9/11 was coming, not only did he let it happen, he, Condi, Rumsfeld and his brother Marvin, and Larry Silverstein (the new owner of the 3 towers) were all part of planning it. Loose Change: Video evidence the three World Trade Towers were taken down by a controlled demolition and that the Pentagon was not hit by an highjacked plane as claimed. Download the trailer€  click to watch
  • Dutch Video that focuses on how the neocons telegraphed their intentions to stage a new Pearl Harbor before 9/11. It also talks about all the acts of the Bush administration to allow the 9/11 attack to proceed even though they had ample warning. It features British MP (Member of Parliament), Michael Meacher, former environment minister, Secretary of Commerce and Secretary of Health in the Blair cabinet and Andreas Von B√ºlow Former German Secretary of Defense. click to watch Best in full screen theatre mode.
  • David Ray Griffin — 911 Commission Report: Ommissions and Distortions€ click to watch
  • Dr. James Fetzer, talks how Bush's conspiracy theory violates half a dozen laws of nature. click to watch
  • Alex Jones, a right wing crank talk show host, talks about NORAD (North American Aerospace Defence Command) drills prior to 9/11 mimicking what happened on 9/11 which belies Bush's claim it never dawned on anyone airliners could be used at weapons. click to watch
  • September 11 Revisited: this video focusses on why the towers fell. They show you dozens of on the scene interviews with eye witnesses reporting explosions not accounted for in Bush's conspiracy theory.
  • Crash Site flight 93€ click to watch Shows almost no debris, nothing larger than a phone book I see two plausible explanations:
    1. The plane was demolished in the air by a large bomb or missile and arrived on earth as a shower of flakes.
    2. There was no plane.

    Neither of these explanations fits with the official Bush conspiracy theory.

  • click to watch click to watch click to watch
    variety of downloadable videos that you can burn and watch about 9/11. Also DVDs (Digital Video Discs) for sale containing movie collections. Some you can download with BitTorrent. If you have trouble downloading with IE (Internet Explorer) or Opera, try the Mozilla browser.
  • questions: click to watch
    The 9/11 Flash movie€ click to watch
    videos about unanswered questions surrounding 9/11.
  • Pentagon Crash: eyewitness statements, photos. Makes clear Bush's official story cannot be true. click to watch
  • NPR Democracy Now!: A national, listener-sponsored public radio and TV show available via Real Audio on the Internet. They invite both the left and right to debate each other. Oddly Nation Public Radio has a video feed over the Internet.
  • Hijacking Catastrophe: 9/11, Fear & the Selling of American Empire€ click to watch click to watch
    theatre movie about how Bush exploited 9/11 for a multitude of political ends.
  • Erich Hufschmid on 9/11, a summary: click to watch
  • BBC (British Broadcasting Corporation) videos:

    You will learn a lot that never appeared in American media.

  • The Pentagon Strike€ click to watch.
  • Bush Denying Knowledge of 9/11: click to watch
    Tricky Dick Nixon never looked that shifty.
  • CBC (Canadian Broadcasting Corporation) 's Fifth Estate on 2003-10-29 aired a documentary, largely about the intimate links between the Bush and bin Laden families that go back for decades. Lots of new material here about how the Saudis bought the Bushes and how in return, the Bush's senior and junior turned a blind eye to Saudi funding of bin Laden. Unfortunately the video is not online, but much of the backing material is. This is a must see. Video no longer available.
  • The Power of Nightmares€ click to watch BBC documentary video on how politicians manipulate the fear of terrorism.
  • Watch Bush a decade ago and now. See how he has deteriorated. What is it? a stroke, drugs, drinking? presenile dementia? click to watch
  • CBC Passionate Eye documentary on Tower 7

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