9/11 Pentagon eyewitness IDs Global Hawk

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Samuel Danner (electrical engineer for AmTrak), was involved in the clean-up at the Pentagon crash site and inspected the debris at the site. He said, “It was not a Boeing 757 that hit the Pentagon. The plane looked like a hump-back whale.” He thinks a Global Hawk hit the Pentagon. (There were only seven made as of 9/11/01 and two were missing at the time.)

Danner is a former pilot. He said the aircraft that hit the Pentagon was very quiet with one engine near the back. He also saw a second plane overhead and wonders if it was controlling the plane that hit the Pentagon. He walked the lawn and picked up small pieces of debris with others. He did not see any bodies from the aircraft.

Danner is very ill now with lymphoma, which may be the result of DU exposure at the Pentagon on 9/11. He wants to talk now (after seeing “Loose Change”) because “it’s been bugging me.”

The Global Hawk fired a DU missile that penetrated the thick concrete wall of the Pentagon. DU was detected at the time and workers on the scene later in the day wore protective equipment.

Yep, this 53-yr old Sam Danner, a pilot since the age of 16, was a first-hand observer of the crash. He pulled his car over to the south of the pentagon on the right side of 395 when he saw the approach of the plane that hit the pentagon.

He also observed a bunch of guys outside the pentagon standing there looking through binoculars.

He got a good view of the plane’s approach, for a duration of at least three seconds. He says that the plane was not a 757, no way. “It was like a humpback whale” he says. Size of a gulfstream 300, about 100 ft wingspan, one engine on the backside with a “V” tail and no windows he could see. And it was very quiet. Going about 400mph. Overhead, at an estimated 15,000 feet he saw another plane.

As an EMT, he ran over to help at the pentagon, but found no bodies, no wreckage from a boeing aircraft on the scene. He smelled cordite and he saw a 3-foot single engine on the ground there. He picked up graphite pieces similar to the composite wings on a global hawk.

This engine matches the description of the single engine of a globalhawk. The globalhawk is a UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) but could not have caused the damage if it wasn’t containing a bunker-busting missle deployed on impact. The plane observed overhead might have been the plane controlling the remotely-controlled mission.

If a 757 had crashed into the pentagon, then there would have been aluminum all over the grass and two 9-foot diameter engines.

via 9/11 Pentagon eyewitness IDs Global Hawk – Looking Glass News.

Samuel Danner saw an aircraft apparently crash into the Pentagon on 9/11 and went to the scene to offer his help as a trained emergency medical technician. Five years later, with his children now grown and himself facing a life-or-death battle with lymphoma, he has decided to speak out.

Sam Danner (red arrow), was one of the people who helped pick up scraps. The white arrow points to a mysterious agent with a name like “Erkstein” who was directing the destruction of evidence. — EricHufschmid.net

He describes it as a white aircraft about the size of Gulfstream 300. The front was like a humpback whale. It was flying very low to the ground … There was only one engine, and it was in the tail … As other witnesses have said, the airplane seemed to be under perfect control. He did not notice any windows on the plane … He felt the air move as the aircraft flew by, but the aircraft was amazingly quiet … He saw some of the light poles that had been hit by the aircraft, but they seem to have fallen in the wrong direction, as if explosives knocked them down … Danner walked onto the Pentagon property to help the survivors, but he didn’t find any bodies or luggage … He joined the people who picked up scraps (see the photo at the top of this page)… € One of the other people assumed they were picking up scraps only to make it appear as if they were doing something useful; ie, in order to impress somebody important … All they found were bits of shredded aluminum and some type of polymer material with fibers … He saw tiny bits of aluminum, a few large pieces, and only one engine …

Comment: Use of remote control planes is the only thing that makes any sense if 9 11 was an inside job. On 3 of the 4 911 planes there were top Raytheon employees, experts as passengers. Strange for those supposedly random flights. Raytheon owns the remote control global hawk planes.

via http://www.total911.info/2006/07/samuel-danner-pentagon-eyewitness.html



Today I read “NASA’s Global Hawk Mission Begins with Flight to Hurricane Leslie” and something clicked. I never understood why the UFO hacker Gary McKinnon was searching for information about 9/11 by hacking a NASA facility. Why NASA? What could they have to do with 9/11?

“McKinnon is accused of hacking into 97 United States military and NASA computers over a 13-month period between February 2001 and March 2002, using the name ‘Solo’.[2]” … “McKinnon wrote on a hacked Army computer in 2002. "It was not a mistake that there was a huge security stand down on September 11 last year … ” (link).

After finding this claim that a Global Hawk was sighted by Samuel Danner as what hit the Pentagon on 9/11, McKinnon’s hacking doesn’t seem as random. It doesn’t prove anything, but it connects a few dots.

What we know officially is that NASA helped with a lot of imaging of the WTC site and, interestingly, an aluminum component bearing the image of the flag serves as the cable guard of a tool on NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover Opportunity. (link)

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