Are there any 100+ year old vegans and vegetarians?

By | January 6, 2013

Are there any 100+ year old vegans and vegetarians?I found the following on Flickr as I was wondering if there are any 100+ year old vegetarians. I’ve added the links to their names where I’ve found confirmation from news sources.


Loreen Dinwiddie – 108 year old Centenarian – VEGAN.The oldest woman on record in Multnomah County and perhaps the oldest woman in her entire state. She follows a fully plant-based VEGAN diet. This vegan centenarian is in incredible fitness and health even at near super-centenarian status.

Angeline Strandal – 104 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN.
Appeared in NEWSWEEK magazine. She loves the Boston RedSox and even watching heavyweight fights. She has outlived 11 of her siblings. What enabled her to love longer than most: “I’m a vegetarian” she says.

Beatrice Wood – 105 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN.
The woman whom the James Cameron movie “TITANIC” is written about. This vegetarian inspired the character of the elderly woman named “Rose” in the film. (The one with the necklace.) She thrived to 105 on a complete Vegetarian diet.

Blanche Mannix – 105 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN.
Blanche is a lifelong vegetarian, meaning she never has, and chose never to eat meat in her entire life. Blanch’s lifetime has seen the Wright Brothers launch the 1st aeroplane, and two WORLD WARS. She is exuberant with happiness and life, and attributes her vegetarian diet for her longevity and happiness in life.

Missi Devi – 105 year old Centenarian – VEGAN. She followed the Jain lifestyle, which respects all animals. Jains follow “Ahimsa” in which they avoid even dairy in order not to inconvenience the cow too much, and try to eat mainly fruits and aim for things which try not to hurt or kill the main stalk of the plant offering the nuts, fruits, or food. Aiming to eat only what it kindly offers. Missi was a Vegan Centenarian and lived to an incredible 105 years old, she was one of the most-honored people in her nation.

Catherine Hagel -114 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. She is the 2nd oldest person in the United States, and the 3rd oldest person in the entire world. The ovo lacto vegetarian likes carrots and onions and lived on a vegetable farm. Aside from vegetables she enjoyed strawberries, which she sold at a little stand when she was a little girl. Her confirmed baptismal certificate affirms that the vegetarian was born November 8th, in the year 1894. She had TWO sets of twins, and still has a daughter that is 90 years old. Interestingly, Catherine’s sister in law once held the sopot as the oldest living person in Minnesota, living 113 years 72 days old. Catherin herself says she says she is still active and enjoys vegetable gardening, picking raspberries, and recently she canned some tomatoes.

Charles “Hap” Fisher – 102 years old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. He is the oldest living resident of the Brandon Oaks Community. The vegetarian still has a sharp mind and IQ. He is still active as a scholar at Roanoke College and is likely the oldest scholar in the nation still publishing research. He is a scientist. He has a degree in Research Chemistry and has worked out numerous equations. The vegetarian centenarian also taught at HARVARD University. One day his favorite beloved pet chicken was killed and roasted and put on the dinner table. He was 10 years old and vowed never again. Charles said he has been vegetarian for over 90 years, and he is now a centenarian aged 102.

Christian Mortensen – 115.252 years old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. Christian Mortensen, vegetarian, holds the record for the oldest fully documented and verified Man in the World, and perhaps the oldest man in human history (fully documented and confirmed) according to the esteemed Gerontological Society of America. This vegetarian’s case of extreme longevity has been written about by John Wilmoth, PhD in CSA Research. Male centenarians are rare, females often live longer. This is why the vegetarian Christian Mortensen’s achievement is so astounding. He achieved such a feat of longevity he actually reached what is called SUPERCENTENARIAN status, which is a person who has lived over a decade beyond 100 years old. And in fact, aided by his vegetarian diet, and exhibiting NO signs of degenerative diseases nor dementia, this still mentally sharp vegetarian remains as the oldest fully confirmed human male in documented history. (Keep in mind there may quite well be older individuals, but Christian Mortensen is unique in that his documentation is conclusively proven.) The vegetarian singly re-defined Longevity Researchers and Gerontology Scientists ideas on the the limits of human male longevity. He retains a great sense of humor and happy in life.

Claris Davis – 102 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. Known simply as “Miss Claris” she was born in Jamaica and is a 7th day adventist, a religion which follows a healthy vegetarian plant-based non-paleo diet. She doesn’t miss eating Meat at all and in fact is happier for it. In fact, she makes everyone around her happy as well. “There is never a sad moment around Mama Miss Claris, she keeps you smiling all the time!” said the woman who tends to her. “She is always singing”.

Fauja Singh – 100 year old Centenarian – VEGETARIAN – Astonishingly Mr. Singh has retained such athletic muscle and strength that he is a Marathon runner! This vegetarian in fact holds for his age group, the world record for running the marathon. In fact, a major part of even getting to the level of gaining a chance at his record is first being able to get to his age in the 1st place, much less then being able to run 26 miles. Fauja is a Sikh, a people of India whose striking long beards and moustache’s add to his impressiveness. He currently lives in the UK and has even been offered commercials for ADIDAS sportswear and has been featured in their campaigns. He is 6 FEET TALL and follows a healthy vegetarian diet. He enjoys lentils, green vegetables, curry, chappati, and tea with a bit of ginger spice. In the year 2000, the vegetarian Singh astounded the world by completing the 26.2 mile incredible stamina endurance race and beat the previous world best record by nearly 58 minutes, at the age of nearly 90! Today he holds the record for the world’s oldest centenarian endurance Marathon Runner, all on a vegetarian diet.

Florence Ready – 101 year old RAW FOOD VEGETARIAN CENTENARIAN – To this day she practices a 6-day-a-week Aerobic exercise regimen. That’s right, this vegetarian food lover is over 100 years old and still doing Aerobics 6 days a week. She mostly eats RAW FOODS, including mainly fruits and vegetables. She’s been a vegetarian for nearly 60 years at the age of 40. 60 years is more than some meat-eaters have stayed alive, nevermind the other 40. “You talk to her and completely forget she’s 101 years old,” her friend Perez said, “It’s pretty amazing.” -Blue Ridge Times

Frances Steloff – 101 year old VEGETARIAN Centenarian cared dearly for Animals. She is considered the Patron Saint of Animals and always did her best to tell people to take care of all the wondrous animals we have all around us. She was a Poet, a Writer, and ran a bookstore whose clients included the renowned George Gershwin, Woody Allen, Charlie Chaplin, and more. In her fiesty early years the vegetarian had to fight for women, and against censorship (remember this is the 1800’s and early 1900’s) in order to fight the banning of books, and freedom of speech and for women and caused her share of controversy resulting in one of the landmark legal decisions against censorship in American history. Her obituary was featured in the New York Times.

Gladys Stanfield – 105 year old LIFELONG VEGETARIAN Centenarian. Gladys learned to drive in a Model T Ford, loves her purely vegetarian diet, and admits she loves the occasional bit of chocolate and loves to eat whole grain honey buns. The centenarian vegetarian is the oldest resident at Creekside. She has never eaten, nor ever wanted steak, due to the smell of it. The vegetarian loves life, has tons of friends and celebrated her most recent birthday with over 70 people at her birthday party. She has been a vegetarian and never eaten meat for 105 years.

Harold H.D. Singleton – 100 year old Adventist African American Centenarian – VEGETARIAN. Harold “HD” Singleton was a great leader who pioneered the Adventist work among Blacks in the southern US. He graduated Oakwood University, survived the great depression, and rose to become the president of the South Atlantic Conference. Not only rising above the adversity of being a pioneer for the rights of african americans, he also had the foresight to stand for health and life as a vegetarian over a century before it may have even occured to those of us today to give it a try.

Herb Wiles – 100 year old Vegetarian Centenarian – William Howard Taft was president at the time when Herb was growing up, and a company named Chevrolet Motor Cars was first formed. Yet he has survived til today and credits his Vegetarian diet, faith, sense of humor, and exercise as his secrets to long life. Yes, he said exercise. This vegetarian still works out his muscles at the Gym. Herb is part of a community at LOMA LINDA, a so-called BLUE ZONE of centenarians where reside some of the longest lived people on earth. Nearly all of them avoid eating meat, practice vegetarian plant-based diets, and eat fruits, nuts, vegetables, and have a sense of purpose. Loma Linda was featured in NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC, and Dan Buettner’s book “The Blue Zones: Lesons for Living Longer, from the People Who’ve Lived The Longest”. Herb the vegetarian still maintains his healthy muscles at the Loma Linda fitness center and uses up to 10 exercise machines to “hit different parts of his body” he says, in addition to maintaining his healthy meatless diet.

Many more…

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The oldest woman in China, the oldest man in India, Sri Lanka’s oldest man, the oldest man in the nation of Denmark, Britain’s oldest man, Japan’s okinawans, the oldest marathon endurance runner, the world’s biggest bodybuilder, the oldest confirmed man in history, the 2nd oldest confirmed woman Marie Louise Meilleur, and in effect oldest human to ever live on the planet, and tons more than this, all were enjoyers of CRON, Vegetarian, Vegan, or majority Plant-Based Diets.


KEYS TO CENTENARIAN LONGEVITY: Among them avoiding red meat and A VEGETARIAN DIET.€ …


The bottom line is that you can survive to 100 eating meat or not. The people of the WAPF believe that over time those not eating meat produce less healthy offspring. I don’t plan on having any, however, so true or not, this argument for eating meat does not apply to me. They also believe that meat eaters are healthier. I believe you need complete proteins, yes, but I’m not convinced yet that we need to eat meat. For example, why do vegetarian Seventh Day Adventists live a year and a half longer than meat-eaters?

A study of Seventh Day Adventists–who stick to a strictly vegetarian diet–found that those who eat primarily vegetables gained an extra year and a half over meat-eaters; those who ate nuts regularly added two more years on top of that. And in Okinawa, Japan, which boasts a high number of centenarians, residents eat up to 10 servings of veggies each day.


Well, there are different kinds and qualities of meat. Perhaps future studies will shed more light on this topic.

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  1. Nathaniel

    I’m 28, been a vegetarian my whole life. Never once ate meat, except maybe an accidental piece here and there that was in something else. So far I have led a very healthy life. I am pretty thin, but I’m not 100% convinced it’s due to lack of meat. My main reasons for not are: hormones, the living conditions of the animals (including the way they are treated up to and including slaughter), and the fact that they feed them things they are not meant to eat. All these things translate to not really know what you’re eating and what you’re doing to your body.

    1. Jonas

      I admire your reasons. Have you tried Organic meats? From certain farms? The cows, for example have no hormones, no anti-biotics and are only fed grass. The animals are free roam, so they live naturally, upon time to process them they are then lured into a comfortable place and fed more grass. Their deaths are then instant and painless via a bolt to the brain.

      I personally consume lots of varied meats, fish, grains, greens but especially eggs. I have no health issues at 27, I’m fit and also a strength athlete. My vitals and organs are all top notch. But I do watch what I eat.

  2. Mickey

    Meat has nothing to do with complete proteins.
    Damn I hate that uniformed arguement.
    The most complete single source of protein on the planet comes from hemp seed.
    Getting your protein from meat means you have to eat more, and varied items to get the equivilant of what a single plant can give you.

  3. Jonas

    ‘The most complete single source of protein on the planet comes from hemp seed’ Wow. Ok. Did you get your education from the internet? I’ll leave you to it. Interesting article, and by interesting I mean stupid. So you’ve found a dozen or so vegan/vegetarian centenarians. Big deal, there are three times as many who lived on meat based or balanced diets so what is your point OP?

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