25,000 hits yesterday! Fab four? State fair? Daily Brainstorm?

By | July 16, 2010

My daily hits jumped yesterday to 25,000 in one day yesterday, making my quick post about the Fab Four live and opening day of the California Sate Fair a record for the month. (My all time high, however, was a few years ago when I hit over 2 million in one day with my absurd “Secret Finger Trick” page. )

Is this surge yesterday the result of my joining a blog collective known as “The Daily Brainstorm”?

I’m excited about some of the titles I read but haven’t had time to read much over there yet.

If you are new this site, browse a bit. Check out the past entries. I guarantee you’ll find€ some mind blowing stuff.

– Xeno

2 thoughts on “25,000 hits yesterday! Fab four? State fair? Daily Brainstorm?

    1. Xeno Post author

      Not sure, might not be there yet. I still have to send them photo. Which could mean the leap in readers was due to interest in the Fab Four and the Fair.


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