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Physicists make crystal/liquid interface visible for first time

“Imagine you’re a water molecule in a glass of ice water, and you’re floating right on the boundary of the ice and the water,” proposes Emory University physicist Eric Weeks. “So how do you know if you’re a solid or a liquid?” Weeks’ lab recently captured the first images of what’s actually happening in this… Read More »

DOE Enhanced Geothermal Systems Projects

In a move that I greet with great enthusiasem DOE has embarked on a project with a number of partners to test Enhanced Geothermal Systems (EGS) technologies at a commercial geothermal power facility near Reno, Nevada. EGS technology enhances the permeability of underground strata, typically by injecting water into hot underground strata at high pressure.… Read More »

Mysterious object blocks Seattle tunnel drilling

In this photo made with a fish-eye wide-angle lens, Bertha, the massive boring machine that is drilling a two-mile tunnel under Seattle, is shown in July before work began. The tunnel will replace a double deck highway along the downtown Seattle waterfront. Ted S. Warren/AP The state Department of Transportation and contractors building a highway… Read More »

MS planning Patch Tuesday whopper: 16 bulletins, 49 vulnerabilities

Ryan Naraine – This month's batch of security patches from Microsoft will be a record-breaking one: 16 bulletins addressing a whopping 49 security vulnerabilities. According to the company's advance notice, four of the 16 bulletins will be rated "critical," Microsoft's highest severity rating. Microsoft rates a critical vulnerability as one that could be exploited to… Read More »

‘Invisible’ Wetsuits Confuse Attacking Sharks

A company in Australia has developed a range of wetsuits which they say renders the wearer nearly invisible or repulsive to sharks. It is hoped the suits will help prevent attacks on divers, surfers and even swimmers who wear them in coastal areas that are shark infested. They incorporate patented Shark Attack Mitigation System technology… Read More »

Video: Lottery Prediction Trick Solution?

Possible solution: The video shows how it is possible to use split screen technology to give the impression that the Lottery balls are in the live shot. In fact, they are a static image. The most popular theory about Brown’s Channel 4 show is that the left hand side of the screen, which showed the… Read More »

Man accused of posing as Dodger on field

A man faces criminal charges for allegedly stealing a uniform from Dodger Stadium and posing as one of the team’s players. Ronald Higgins pleaded not guilty to several charges Friday, including burglary and trespassing. The 47-year-old Higgins was arrested Wednesday morning after a security guard found him walking on the field in a Dodgers uniform… Read More »

Invasion of the giant rats in Bradford

The rodents, twice the size of common types, are plaguing an estate in Bradford, West Yorks, often appearing in kitchens and lounges. It is feared some could be “super rats” from South America. Pictured above is a monster 2½ft rat killed on the estate. … “At night you can hear them chasing each other in… Read More »

Danger ahead as the Sun goes quiet

THE sun’s ability to shield the solar system from harmful cosmic rays could falter in the early 2020s, just in time to threaten the health of NASA astronauts as they return to the moon. As well as the 11-year cycle of sunspots and solar flares, the sun’s activity experiences longer-term shifts lasting several decades. The… Read More »

Genetic roots of synaesthesia unearthed

The regions of our DNA that wire some people to “see” sounds have been discovered. So far, only the general regions within chromosomes have been identified, rather than specific genes, but the work could eventually lead to a genetic test to diagnose the condition before it interferes with a child’s education. It has long been… Read More »

“Lost” Language Found on Back of 400-Year-Old Letter

Notes on the back of a 400-year-old letter have revealed a previously unknown language once spoken by indigenous peoples of northern Peru, an archaeologist says. Penned by an unknown Spanish author and lost for four centuries, the battered piece of paper was pulled from the ruins of an ancient Spanish colonial church in 2008. But… Read More »

Scientists decode DNA of pig, a research favorite

An international group of scientists has decoded the DNA of the domestic pig, research that may one day prove useful in finding new treatments for both pigs and people, and perhaps aid in efforts for a new swine flu vaccine for pigs. Pigs and humans are similar in size and makeup, and swine are often… Read More »

Space junk at tipping point, says report

Scientists in the US have warned Nasa that the amount of so-called space junk orbiting Earth is at tipping point. A report by the National Research Council says the debris could cause fatal leaks in spaceships or destroy valuable satellites. It calls for international regulations to limit the junk and more research into the possible… Read More »

Video: Jon Stewart on Bill O’Reilly, 2010

mcrepp0465, commentor on youtube: “It cannot be denied that this video was edited to make oreilly look better than he actually was because you can see the cuts in the video. Saying foxnews is a balanced source is ridiculous.”

Detroit Will PAY You To Take One Of These 100 Abandoned Homes

Mayor Dave Bing is trying to save Detroit by offering incentives to lure residents back to abandoned neighborhoods. One program offers $150,000 in housing renovation money and requiring only $1,000 down to police officers who are willing to relocate to the city. Another offers college graduates $2,500 to rent and $20,000 forgivable loan to buy… Read More »

This Sheet Of Material Might Make Supercomputers Obsolete And Could Even Turn You Invisible

Today’s computers solve problems by moving electrons through circuits, but Professor Vladimir Shalaev is working on incredibly compelling technology that, once fully realized, will make this beyond obsolete — instead of electrons, he wants to perform computations by manipulating light. “We’re running out of ways to make computers faster and quantum technology is clearly the… Read More »

Why do my armpits smell like nachos?

I don’t eat nachos, so why do my armpits smell like nachos? They used to smell like skunk, so this is better, but still disturbing. What chemical is responsible in what I’m eating? Perhaps I’m getting rid of GMO corn oil from my pits. Perhaps I just need to exercise more and sweat more. Anyone… Read More »

How to Travel at Warp Speed

Here’s the good news for all those “Star Trek” enthusiasts out there — a couple of physicists think they’ve figured out how to travel faster than the speed of light without breaking the laws of physics. But here’s the bad news — we may have to sacrifice Jupiter to get there. Gerald Cleaver, associate professor… Read More »