Zoo keepers pamper lions with aromatherapy

By | May 19, 2010

Indu the lioness plays with her straw pillow infused with peppermint oilZoo keepers have resorted to pampering lions and monkeys with aromatherapy to keep them contented in captivity.

Animals at Paignton Zoo in Devon are receiving the luxurious treatments in a trial project aimed at stimulating their minds and bodies.

Experts claim that big cats respond best to the alternative therapies, which have been donated by Holland & Barrett, the high street health foods retailer.

Among the beneficiaries of the scheme are Indu the lioness and Misha the tapir, who particularly enjoys having her back rubbed with almond oil.

Julian Chapman, the zoo’s senior head mammal keeper, said: “We use a wide variety of environmental enrichments to stimulate our animals physically and mentally.

“Many animals, particularly big cats, respond well to smells, whether they are the scents of other animals or fragrant herbs and spices.”

via Zoo keepers pamper lions with aromatherapy – Telegraph.

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