Video: Nazi ufos and the vril society pt03 + notes on Vimanas: ancient Indian flying machines

By | July 9, 2008

There may be some items in this video to add to the UFO timeline. How much of this Nazi UFO stuff is real? There sure is a lot of detail. If it is a hoax, who did it and why? One very rational person who has also researched Roswell for years and who has interviewed many people in the US intelligence community following leads about aliens, made the following points about the Nazi UFO information:

  • Why obsession with German Nazi aviation technology?
  • Nothing they created used a revolutionary new means of propulsion.
  • We surpassed their designs years ago.
  • The US and Asia have left their materials science and metallurgical engineering capabilities in the dust.
  • Technology development does not occur in a vacuum or in isolation. It is inconceivable that no other scientists or engineers in all of the world in the past seven decades have “stumbled upon” this same “secret Nazi UFO technology” in their own studies.
  • Why would this special knowledge (secrets of super- flight, super-materials, etc…) be discovered by only 1930s/40s Germans?

Great points.

Even if the V-2 rocket’s propulsion was revolutionary in the field of rocket science (so much so that the same technology was borrowed to allow the US to reach the moon in the Saturn V rocket), it did not use anti-gravity technology or electrostatic propulsion.

There are stories that the Nazi UFO builders got their information from ancient indian scriptures which describe flying machines known as “Vimanas“–spacecraft and aerial vehicles powered and propelled somehow by heated mercury. (Spinning mercury plasma?)

The Vyamanika Shastra (“Science of Aeronautics”[1]; also Vimanika, Vymanika) is an early 20th century Sanskrit text obtained by chanelling on aeronautics, discussing construction of vimānas, the “chariots of the gods”, mythical self-moving aerial cars in the Sanskrit epics.

The existence of the text was revealed in 1952 by G. R. Josyer, according to whom it is due to one Pandit Subbaraya Shastry, who dictated it in 1918-1923. A Hindi translation was published in 1959, the Sanskrit text with an English translation in 1973. It has 3000 shlokas in 8 chapters and is was attributed by Shastry to Maharishi Bharadvaja,[2] which makes it of purportedly “ancient” origin, and hence it has a certain notability in ancient astronaut theories….

The propulsion of the vimanas according to Kanjilal (1985) is by a “Mercury Vortex Engines”[11], apparently a concept similar to electric propulsion. Childress finds evidence for this “mercury vortex engine” in the Samarangana Sutradhara, an 11th century treatise on architecture.

… The 1923 technical illustration based on the text … are absurdly un-aerodynamic. They look like brutalist wedding cakes, with minarets, huge ornithopter wings and dinky propellers. In other words, they look like typical early 20th century fantasy flying machines with an Indian twist. – wiki

If it is anything more than a fantasy story, why has this power source and anti-gravity system never been re-discovered?

3 thoughts on “Video: Nazi ufos and the vril society pt03 + notes on Vimanas: ancient Indian flying machines

  1. mayuri

    it is really very inspiring to know our glorious past….keep it up..because..’one who don’t know their past,can’t built a bright future.’……….

  2. joe richardson

    The monuments of Mars are a fact; some time before 4,000 BCE pilgrims came from that dying civilization; they were seen as gods in much the same way that WW-II GI’s were venerated by islanders of the Pacific; the occult elite of today use higher forms of technology such as cattle mutilations, crop circle formations and UFO sightings to keep the people in a state of shock and awe, and this is the same system used. The earlier art works of Akkad and Sumer show the indigenous people in the land between the rivers as going about naked; then the “gods” made garments for them . . . think genesis. Yud-hay-vav-hay (the biblical holiest of holy names) is representative of a system and the earliest record of its being used can be found in cuneiform tablets of Akkad and Sumer, ones that were earlier than the bible. See “The Messiah Document” on the Kindle Books web site.

  3. SPJ

    The ancient Sanskrit text that goes into so much thorough detail about these vimanas was not actually ancient? The text of the Vimanika Shastra is said to have been written in the early 20th century (approx. 1918 – 1923), a short time after the Wright brothers had shown the world that flight was a real possibility for mankind and not some Victorian novelist’s dream. On top of its contemporary dating, the Vimanika Shastra is also said to have been written or received by a form of divine inspiration called psychic channelling or automatic writing, a process which sounds very similar to how religious prophets claim to have received the words of god…


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