XP Drivers for Gateway T-1631

By | March 1, 2009

XP Drivers for Gateway T-1631Gateway does not provide XP drivers for it’s T-1631 laptop, but I wanted to upgrade my operating system from Vista Home Premium to the faster XP Pro.

This post is for anyone out there looking to do the same for this particular model of laptop. I’ve noticed that there are many predatory web sites that seem to offer drivers but actually just exist to rip people off.

The Gateway T-1631 support web site does not include XP drivers, but these worked for me for my “downgrade” to XP.

These work:

– Network Driver: RealTek RTL8187SE Wireless LAN PCIE Network Adapter: rtl8187b_wlan.rar
– Audio driver: here.
– Video driver: here.

Un tested / not found…
– ATI RS690T chipset


– Bios Update: Triton-K8F BIOS Update Version 90.03

5 thoughts on “XP Drivers for Gateway T-1631

  1. Tom

    Hello, I am running Windows XP Pro 64-bit SP2 with every single driver installed on this machine, and it runs like a dream. It took a long time to track down the right drivers but I have the latest and greatest of each driver on this machine. XP 64-bit runs better than Windows 7 64-bit on this machine, trust me (gateway t-1631). So if anyone is wondering, don’t buy Windows 7 64-bit, I bluescreened on this laptop alot with it and XP 64-bit with the latest updates is PHENOMINAL. Plus it costs a whole lot less and is compatible with a whole lot more.

    I used Driver Genius Pro to download all the necessary files (*cough* torrent *cough* uninstall afterward *cough*), except when I installed the ethernet wouldn’t work, that driver needed is RTL8101E, google it and download the XP version (64-bit for mine). When installed your ethernet should work – then download driver genius pro 9. After everything is downloaded in the drivers section and installed, the only thing that won’t work is the audio ; use the one stated in the above article, everything should then work fine without a hitch and be up-to-date. Enjoy!

  2. nanovany

    hi, wooaoo, this is great!!

    fantastic, but just a question, I can understand what I am gonna to download from ATI SMbus

    ..there is a lot of things,:S!!

    and I cant understand!!

    plis help me hermano!!

    I can not speak very ell sorry jeje

    I hope you anwer mee.!!

    have a nice day


  3. leo

    Yaa! complete drivers here!

    [Link removed. Does not lead to drivers as claimed. – Xeno]

    no more windows seven …

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