Xeno’s Perfect Pitch Course, Exercise 2.

By | April 3, 2006

Xenos Perfect Pitch Course Exercise 2Exercise 2. Exploring your voice pitch. Again using the free Audio Phonics Guitar Tuner for Windows, practice singing each note for one entire breath several times in a row. How much does the note jump around as you sing? Practice singing notes as solid as possible in both pitch and volume for each note E A D G B E. Can you keep the needle between +/- 25? How often can you hit 0? Are you able to make the needle stay still while still singing a note with volume above the left side of the curve. (In my screen captures, I’m sining the A loud enough so a real note is registering. For the E, my volume is too low and a note is not registering. You can tell because the needle is not blue. ) Play with this for an hour or so. You might try different vowels. If you do that you may notice that certain vowel sounds push the note sharp. Work on them until you can sing an “I” sound in tune just like an “O” sound. Another fun thing to do is sing a song you know very slowly, using this program to check your pitch.

After singing for years, it is fun to go back and figure out what notes I’ve been singing, for example, with Beatles songs and such. What note is the first note of Yesterday? Try singing the songs first before you listen and see how close you get to the key. Once you know the starting note, sing each one slowly, moderately, then quickly while using the tuner. Some legal Beatles song samples here. (Choose whatever music you know and like.):

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