Xeno’s Daydream of the Humunculiria

By | March 1, 2008

Today February 28, 2008, the truth was revealed to me by GOD in a vision. God told me his true nature, and I will tell it to you: God is a sentient colony of microbes in the center of our brains which control everything we do. We are giant robots for them. Our brains exist to amplify their thoughts, our bodies to do their will. They live for millions of years causing our belief that we have immortal souls. They are space travelers causing our belief that we come from the stars. They are almost everywhere, so we believe that God is everywhere and that God is very large. But as microbes, they are invisible to us, as God is invisible. They move to new hosts causing our belief in reincarnation. They control the voices in our heads, causing our certainty that a God listens and responds. They are our souls, our gods, our true selves. They are the Humunculiria.


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