Some bald ego, to boldly go.

By | May 31, 2009

XenoAtArcoI figure most of you 3,000 to 9,000 people per day visiting this blog to check out the strange news have never heard my band Xenophilia (some of our oldest songs on myspace.)

Although I’ve played a few other places solo since then, this photo was from my last gig with Xenophilia.

I figure once you play the Arco Arena, what’s left? So I retired the band.

Truth be told, lately I’m not very excited about playing live. When fronting a band have to set up rehearsals, get everyone up to speed, deal with people’s schedules, find paying gigs, find people to come to your shows, then slog your gear around, set up, break down, hope for a decent sound man at each place … it’s a hassle.

Amy is still playing live with a cover band called “Love Train”.

I’m having so much fun playing around with original songs in the studio that I really don’t miss the live shows. Musicians, relate?

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