Xeno damages alien High Strangeness investigation?

By | July 16, 2009

I just found this on Colin Andrew’s site:

……… we were making progress until the officer became aware of some blogger suggesting that ‘somone’  find out from wiltshire police the names of all serving police seargents and who was on/off duty at the time, in an attempt to further verify information and question the officer (http://xenophilius.wordpress.com/2009/07/10/). Now, Wiltshire police will not release this information as it would contravene the Data Protection Act and the Freedom of Information Act, and anyone with a modicum of common sense will realise this (but obviously not this blogger) but

My apologies to the officer, the Wiltshire police department and to Colin for any trouble I may have inadvertently caused from the other side of the pond.

I was hoping that just ONE person would check this out who lived in the Wiltshire area and report back via a comment on my blog if any further information was available.

I do wish the original article had stated that the officer desired to remain anonymous. In UFO cases I’ve seen, it depends on the officer and on the department. Some will come forward and some won’t. As I’ve said before, my beliefs about how these things work come in part from having a family member who is a police officer.

Colin, what you choose to publish could be the most significant event in human history!  You are telling us that a reputable person had a sighting of human-like entities in a crop circle and that this eyewitness saw them perform extraordinary non-human feats such as moving at extreme speeds and vanishing.

The beings fit past descriptions of “Nordic Aliens”.

Readers, please do stop pestering the Wiltshire police. If you’ve already done so and have anything to share, please post a comment.

Colin’s update has an interesting interview with the officer in question:

.. As we spoke I watched the hairs on the officers arms raise as he relived the experience in his mind. When I asked whether they ran away out of sight or disappeared he was adamant they disappeared. He claimed he glanced away for a second and his claims that the being that was the furthest away was not near enough the brow of the hill for him to run out of view despite his rapid movement. Again, there is a deep ‘knowing’ they disappeared. …

One thought on “Xeno damages alien High Strangeness investigation?

  1. arjay001


    Interesting to follow the links and read more about this strange event. Sunspot predections, shootings, a UFO flying into the sun!, and wouldn’t you know it a call to stop any “attempt to further verify information”. And worst of all calling Xeno “some blogger”. I bet in Colin’s world there is only room for one on the soap box. Seems every time the hard questions are asked the story falls apart and becomes “background noise”.

    Keep up the good work Xeno!


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