WV Vote Flipping Caught on Tape + Will our next president will be choosen by a computer virus?

By | November 1, 2008

The scary thing is that he shows how the machine was calibrated and it still does not register the votes properly. If someone presses Straight Democratic Ticket – it registers for McCain! When he calibrated the machine he never showed what happened again if you voted straight democratic. Some machines may be miscalibrated but that may not be the only problems with why the machines continue to flip votes. It’s a lame excuse. Better make sure the techs do not take out hard drives.

That this was flipping caught by a just-calibarated machine may or may not be true. There is a splice in the recording, and it does seem that the machine screwed up AFTER he calibrated it… but that may just be due to editing. The important thing is, even if the screen shows that you correctly voted for your candidate (and sometimes it doesn’t as this video shows!) but even if it shows up correctly on the screen, it can still output the wrong vote! An electronic vote is worthless unless both the hardware and software are open source and freely checkable by any citizen. That is NOT the case with electronic voting machines, so I see no point in using them other than to have an illusion of democracy.

So, don’t vote on a machine. If you must do so, avoid the straight party button.

Watch this:

The point is, electronic voting can look authentic, but be 100% fraudulent. Try this demonstration and see for yourself.

So, obviously, what will happen on election day is that criminal computer hackers from both sides will be doing their best to cheat by inserting vote stealing viruses and the party with the best hackers will get the most votes. But, the people who count the final totals can just give the wrong numbers anyway, so that’s another place the entire election can be stolen.

There should be two different parallel systems, one built and monitored by each party. You cast each vote twice, once on each machine. If they don’t match up for any individual, before leaving the polling place, the individual must correct his vote. With the right checks and balances, we could have fair elections.

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