World’s tallest man on vacation

By | September 29, 2009

SULTAN KOSEN IN VIENNA: World's tallest man goes on holidaySultan Kosen, the tallest man in the world, has taken his second international holiday, leaving his native Turkey to visit Austria, where he reflected on the problems of being 8 feet, one inch high.

The 27-year-old farmer – whose towering status has been certified by Guinness World Records – signed hundreds of autographs and shook thousands of hands at a sun-kissed gathering of record holders in Prater park.

“I don’t consider myself a star, but rather as a champion because I am the tallest,” said Kosen, who surged in height from the age of 10 due to a tumour that caused too much growth hormone to be released from his pituitary gland.

“The advantages of being so tall are balanced by the inconveniences,” he said, such as “the difficulty in finding clothes that fit and the acrobatics involved in getting into a taxi.”

Kosen was in London earlier this month on his first trip ever outside Turkey, where his four siblings are all normal-sized.

Also appearing at the Vienna Recordia event on Sunday was Austrian strongman Franz Muellner, who set a world record for car-flipping as he overturned a red sedan eight times in five minutes.

via World’s tallest man goes on holiday – Telegraph.

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