World’s oldest man celebrates 115th birthday

By | April 20, 2012

World's oldest man celebrates 115th birthday

Jiroemon Kimura celebrates his 115th birthday with four generations of his family in Kyoto thanking “the sun above” for his longevity.

Born on in Japan on April 19 in 1897, Mr Kimura would have been 6-years-old when the Wright brothers flew the first-ever plane, and 64-years-old when Yuri Gagarin first flew into space.

The 115-year-old’s feat as the world’s oldest man has been recognised by the Gerontology Research Group, an international body that specifically deals in longevity research.

He is also undisputedly the third oldest man ever recorded.

At his home in Kyoto, he thanked all the guests, media and family who had joined him to celebrate his birthday.

“I’m delighted beyond words,” he said.

When asked what he attributed his long life to, he replied, “I don’t know exactly…maybe it’s all thanks to the sun above me.”

“I am always looking up towards the sky, that is how I am,” he added.

Mr Kimura has 14 grandchildren, 25 great grandchildren and 13 great great grandchildren, the youngest being an 11-month-old great great grandson.

via Video: World’s oldest man celebrates 115th birthday – Telegraph.

In the video last year from when he was 114, it says he credits his longevity to smaller food portions.

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