World will end today… it is 9/9/09

By | September 9, 2009

Will today be the end of the world as we know it?If you’re reading this, then it’s pretty safe to say that he world hasn’t ended.

Today, the ninth day of the ninth month of the ninth year, was heralded by some doomsayers as the end of the planet.

Over the past few weeks, web chatrooms devoted to alien conspiracies, doomsday cults and numerology – the belief that numbers have mystical significance – have been buzzing with talk of 09/09/09.

Some warned of an outbreak of killer swine flu. Others that the world would be sucked into a black hole created by the Cern particle collider in Switzerland.

Instead, the most exciting thing likely to happen today is the release of a Beatles computer game and the announcement of a new Apple iPod.

It’s been a miserable few years for fans of Armageddon dates. The millennium passed without a single horseman of the apocalypse, while 06/06/06 turned out to be a rather uneventful Tuesday.

Believers had high hopes for 09/09/09, particularly in the UK where 999 is the emergency phone number.

via World will end today… (Well it is 9/9/09 – and the doom-mongers are predicting a disaster) | Mail Online.

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