World Watch: Russia will use military if U.S. deploys shield, Aircraft Carrier moves into Persian Gulf

By | July 9, 2008

Russia said on Tuesday it would use military means if the United States deployed a missile defence shield close to Russia’s borders.

“If the real deployment of an American strategic missile defence shield begins close to our borders, then we will be forced to react not with diplomatic methods, but with military-technical methods,” the Foreign Ministry said in a statement on its website.

The Foreign Ministry said the U.S. missile shield would undermine global security and Moscow’s strategic deterrent. It said Moscow’s proposals to Washington on the shield had been ignored.

Top Russian generals have threatened to deploy Iskander tactical missiles in neighbouring Belarus and to resume production of short and medium-range nuclear missiles in response to Washington’s missile defence plans. – reuters

In other possibly war related news…

The Pentagon has moved an aircraft carrier in the Persian Gulf after Iran warned US ships would come under fire if they attack the country.

A US Navy official speaking on condition of anonymity said Tuesday that the US Naval Forces Central Command moved the USS Abraham Lincoln to the Arabian Sea.

“This is not a move in preparation for an attack on Iran. We’re simply repositioning the capabilities to support the commanders on the ground down there,” AFP quoted the unnamed official as saying.

The announcement came shortly after Iran warned Tuesday that should Israel and the US attack the country, they would end up burning in the flames of the fire they ignited.

“If Washington and Tel Aviv are foolish enough to even consider attacking Iran, our initial response would be to target Israel and set the US navy in the Persian Gulf ablaze,” said the Leader’s representative to the IRGC naval forces Ali Shirazi. – presstv

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