World CO2 emission levels at record, up 400%. China is #1.

By | September 26, 2008

Prepare for some wild weather.

CO2 emissions accelerate 400% as world turns to dirtier fuels

With emissions growth accelerating 400 percent this decade, atmospheric carbon dioxide levels rose at a record clip in 2007, reports the Global Carbon Project’s annual overview of the greenhouse gas.

Atmospheric carbon dioxide concentrations climbed 2.2 parts-per-million (ppm) in 2007 to 383 ppm. Since 2000 CO2 levels have risen 2 ppm annually, compared with 1.5 ppm during the 1990s, 1.6 ppm in the 1980s, and 1.3 ppm in the 1970s. Rising CO2 levels are the direct result of human activities, including fossil fuel combustion, cement production, and deforestation. The Global Carbon Project’s (GCP) report shows that emissions from fossil fuels and cement have increased 3.5 percent per year since 2000, after increasing at a rate of 0.9 percent during the 1990s. The rate of emissions growth exceeds the highest estimates put forth by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC). China is the largest industrial emitter of carbon dioxide (i.e. excluding emissions from deforestation), followed by the United States, E.U. countries, Russia, and India. … – mon

despite years of effort, carbon dioxide emissions are increasing at an alarming rate of 3.5% a year– faster than the 2.7% predicted by the IPCC in their worst case scenario, and miles ahead of the 0.9% annual rise in the 1990s. Worst still, current measures have been based on a middle-ground IPCC scenario. Pep Candell from the Global Carbon Budget told me that this was “astonishing”. For the first time, we have hit 10 billion tonnes of carbon emitted annually. The other thing to note is that China and India are galumphing their way up the table of biggest carbon dioxide emitters. Ten years ago the top four were: USA, China, Russia, Japan. Today that list reads: China, USA, Russia, India – and I am assured by Candell that next year India will have jumped into third place. –

3 thoughts on “World CO2 emission levels at record, up 400%. China is #1.

  1. openbytes

    Ok, Im going take the above stats as accurate (I dont have the figures to hand, nor really the interest in what is being pumped into the air) Ill explain why:

    Ill say know that it appears this blog has no particular take on this subject, merely states the facts.

    Firstly lets not try to blame any one country and lets look at the actual issue. It comes down to one thing: This is the result of consumer demand. We want cars, we want factory goods and we want petrol. If we didnt, there would be no money for the companies profiting from the release of gas’s and we would have a 100% clean environment.

    The green activists are great because they take the fight to the major corporations and government, when in the end its the general public who are “fueling” (no pun intended) this global issue by demanding products and services that are creating these gases. Talking of which even the green protestors use mobiles/cars and the internet (and infact the greenpeace boat is chugging its way around the planets oceans, doing good whilst belching fumes into the atmosphere and funding the oil companies by buying fuel)

    Lets have a look at the UK, Green activists want a replacement to our power stations. To be honest I agree, but replace with what? Wind farms destroy the look and ecology of the countryside and are harmful to local birds (already documented) Tidal generators destroy local aquatic life (documented) and in anycase both these methods are not enough to generate the power we need. So the only other option is Nuclear. Is that what green campaigners want?

    In theory I should not get any argument to my post, any green supporter would not want to use electricity and further increase their carbon footprint by coming online and reading this, if they do they are a hypocrite.

    To any not so greenies listening: You are fighting a loosing battle with your campaigns. Mr Member of public does not want to give up those items that you so strongly accuse of ruining the environment. All you are doing is justifying the governments to put penalties on such use and profiteer from the current view of green is best.

    Tell me, how can a congestion charge in London help the environment? It hasnt reduced congestion, it hasnt reduced carbon omissions (oh and their charging for that now), all its done is make the government alot of money.

    Who would have thought it? Green campaigners are the governments best friend. They’ve made alot of money because of them recently.

  2. Xeno Post author

    Birth control in the water for the next fifty years for all countries. Bring the earth’s human population down to 1 billion. Better than a war.

  3. openbytes

    If that is already being done, its certainly not working here in the UK. The current baby boom is occurring despite it being a credit crisis.

    Xeno, I dont actually see any problem in theory with your idea. The truth is people are living longer and theres more of them. Obviously everyone should be entitled to a decent quality of life, however the more people there are, the less possible it is.

    There will certainly be a human rights issue around the water issue, and Im sure that would get many people “up on a soap box”, but unfortunately we dont live in the “pink & fluffy” world these protesters think we do. We have to make hard decisions, and the fact is, if the population increases, so will poverty and starvation & indeed pollution.

    Id rather prevent people from having kids (if thats decided whats needed) instead of any other population control methods (which frankly are frightening)

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