WordPress 2.7 Has a New Interface for Bloggers

By | December 5, 2008

newinterfaceYou’ll still see the same page when you visit this site, but when I post things I have a new interface now.  I like it. Great work from the WordPress people.

3 thoughts on “WordPress 2.7 Has a New Interface for Bloggers

  1. Patrick

    Hi, Xeno. Did you ever check out that WYNC Radiolab piece on Musical Language? Hope that you are well and feeling centered.

  2. Xeno Post author

    Yes, it was very interesting, thanks. It said that absolute pitch is something common in Asian languages because the pitch conveys different meanings, but this is not so much the case with our language.

    It is typically the pattern of pitch, not the actual pitch, however, so I’m not exactly clear on why this would be so.

    I couldn’t find any examples where “ba” said at a D# pitch had different meaning than “ba” said at a “C” pitch, for example. Once you have two people with perfect pitch, however, they could create a “secret” language this way. (Military ears just perked up.)

  3. drivelocity

    I’m looking forward to 2.7, but will wait until it’s beyond RC1… maybe even 2.7.1? The constant updates with WordPress and plugins can be a bit much. I am definitely looking forward to the automatic update feature though 🙂

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