Woman “Pregnant” for 60 years since 1948

By | January 17, 2009

STUNNED doctors discovered a woman complaining of stomach ache had been carrying her unborn child for 60 YEARS.

Huang Yijun, 92, of Huangjiaotan, southern China, was told by medics in 1948 that her child had died in the womb. Doctors demanded £100 to remove it, so she walked away. She said: “It was a huge sum at the time – more than the whole family earned in several years so I did nothing and ignored it.†But the secret emerged when Huang hurt her stomach and went to hospital for a scan.

Dr Liu Anbin at Qingshen hospital said: “I couldn’t believe my eyes when I discovered she had a baby in her belly. “I’ve been a doctor for more than 40 years and it’s the first time I have seen something like this.” Now medics are carrying out further tests to see if Huang needs an operation to remove the baby. Consultant Xu Xianming, director of the Obstetrics and Gynecology department at the hospital, said: “Normally a dead foetus would decay. It’s very rare that Huang can be so healthy.” – thesun

This beats the woman who carried a dead baby for 27 years:

Indonesian surgeons have delivered a 27-year-old baby from a middle-aged housewife who had carried the dead body inside her because she was too poor to have it removed, doctors said on Wednesday. A team of 15 doctors operated for three hours on Tuesday to retrieve the 1,6kg petrified baby from the 54-year-old woman, identified as Taminah, at the Sutomo general hospital in the Java island city of Surabaya.
“This may be a world record. The woman has carried the dead but fully developed baby inside her for 27 years,” said Dr Urip Murtejo. He said the woman was otherwise healthy but had been referred to the hospital from her home of Bojenegoro, west of Surabaya, after complaining of occasional pains in her stomach. Taminah’s baby perished before birth in 1978 after it developed outside the womb. At the time, she could not afford the surgery to extract it, Murtejo said. The woman was recovering at the hospital and was said to be in good health after the operation. The body was taken for forensic study. – mz.ca

Huang Yijun has also beat Zahra Aboutalib who carried a stone baby for 46 years:


… in 1955 in a small village just outside Casablanca, 26 year old Zahra Aboutalib is pregnant with her first child. She was looking forward to giving birth, but after 48 hours of painful labour, she was rushed to the local hospital. Doctors informed her that she would need a caesarean section. On the ward Zahra saw a woman in terrible pain die in child-birth. She fled the hospital fearing she would meet the same fate if she remained. In the days that followed, Zahra continued to suffer excruciating labour pains but the baby remained resolutely in her womb. After a few more days the pains ceased and the baby stopped moving.

In Moroccan culture, it is believed that a baby can sleep inside the mother to protect her honour. Zahra believed this myth and put the pregnancy out of her mind. She adopted three children and in due course they made her a grandmother. Many years later when Zahra was 75 years old, the pains suddenly returned. Her son being concerned for his mother’s well-being wanted her to see a specialist. For this they had to travel to Rabat where they saw Professor Taibi Ouazzani. He suspected the protruding belly was being caused by an ovarian tumour and arranged for her to have an ultra-sound scan. This revealed a large mass that he could not identify.

He referred Zahra to a specialist radiographer for a second opinion. He could see it was a calcified structure of some sort, but it took a detailed MRI scan to reveal that it was the baby Zahra had conceived 46 years earlier. … – mymult

Here is an explanation of what happens:

In an ectopic pregnancy, if the dead foetus is too large to be re-absorbed by the mother’s body it becomes a foreign body to the mother’s immune system. To protect itself from possible infection the mother’s body will encase the foetus in a calciferous substance as the tissues die and dehydrate. As the calciferous wall builds up, the foetus is gradually mummified becoming a lithopedion or stone baby.

36 thoughts on “Woman “Pregnant” for 60 years since 1948

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    1. Megan

      I told my step-father about this… he just laughed at me. He thinks he understands all there is to understand about a woman’s body. Men…

      1. Quanita Crabbe

        I think that some babies are to weak just like other abnormalities and they just die in the uterus just like a miscarriage!

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    1. Tanja

      It sounds like your girlfriend is extremely grief-stricken and is convinced that the baby is still alive. I feel sad for both of you but I think she needs ‘help’ if she is going to live a normal life again. The grief will kill her before the baby ever will. My blessings go to you.

    2. Valerie R

      take her to the hospital she can only get worse in the next few weeks. he only has a few more weeks to go

  4. courtney

    this is absolutely disturbinq and disqustinq. i miqht have niqhtmares when i qo to sleep now

      1. nana

        have you lost a baby before its born..if not..keep your comments to yourself..coz your not helping these lady that have..show abit of compassion!!!!

  5. kim

    i think shes just in pain,give her time,my baby died 9 days ago,and ill be induced in 2 days,im glad its almost over

  6. David

    Now, who one earth says it takes millions of years for petrification?! It only took a couple of years here, doesn’t that poke a huge hole in your logic of life?

    1. Sam

      Nope. “Petrification” is simply the replacement of organic tissue with minerals. There are huge number of variables that affect this process. If organic material is subjected to a constant flow of minerals, it would indeed petrify in a very short period of time.

    2. Xeno Post author

      Interesting observation … but the timeline we have for life on earth comes from many different overlapping sources, all of which are in agreement with each other: tree rings, rock layers, ice cores, different proportions of isotopes from known rates of atomic decay, changes over time in DNA, evolution of physiological structures over time… And so on.

      Prettification itself depends on the environment. Unless you find a woman with a bunch of trees inside her, you have not found even an alternative to this one measure of the time line. I doubt you could fit even on tree stump inside her where her body could protect itself by laying down minerals in place of the organic material of the stump, much less A whole petrified forest. 😉

      When you cry, you are not making rain. Drops of water fall in both cases, but a raindrop and a tear have different sources, different means of being produced. Are there clouds in your head?

  7. Dude

    I am a very old man now, but many years ago, when I was younger, a pregnant woman came to me and asked, “Doctor Dude, how may I be sure that I’ll have a polite child in this evil world?” I replied rather off-handedly, saying that every day she must rub her belly a hundred times while chanting “nice baby, polite baby, nice baby, polite baby” The expectant mother thanked me and left, but she never came back for the delivery. She turned out to have taken my advice, however, for as luck would have it, I saw her many years later, as pregnant as ever! My old patient was just crossing the street, and I shouted to her in amazement! She paused, looking up at me, and, thus distracted, did not see the bus which bore down upon her and took her life! I felt guilty, but of course also intrigued – how could she STILL show evidence of pregnancy. I INSISTED on a post-mortem, even over the objections of her family, and it was a good thing that I did! When we opened her abdomen up, there, inside her womb, were TWO little old gray-bearded men, each alternately gesturing toward her cervix with a bow and a sweep of his hand, and in succession saying, “After you”, to which each time came the reply, “No, after you”.
    I am an old man now, but this is a true story, and you may be sure I am now far more careful of the advice I dole out.

    1. Chris

      WooW if you believe this story ur so stupid how would 2 [screw]ing babys live in a womens body for im geusting but about 20 years & they were old babys AND TO TOP IT OFF the women got hit by a bus and the babies still lived

  8. katelyn

    whoa im about to pop and you guys are NUTS! dont leave that baby in your stomach give it a proper burial and find some “help” obviously you need it if you planned to keep it inside of you while the fetus is dead.

  9. Sharron

    I think there was an episode several years ago on “Law and Order-SVU” which pertained to something like this.

  10. Md Khaja Hassnuddin

    Yes, it can happen. I have shocked when I saw the news in news paper that a lady Ananthamma (70) who reside in Mahbubnagar district, in Andhra Pradesh, India has got surgery due to huge stomock pain. In this surgery doctors found a stoned baby inside her womb. they have done surgery to that lady and removed stoned baby. The stoned baby is 14 inches long and wight is 2 kgs.

    40 years earlier Ananthamma got pregnancy and lost it. After that incident she had pregnancy again and given birth to a healthy child.

    After reading that new in news paper i started searching for information regarding this incident the. i found this website.

    Doctors who have done surgery to that old women told that it may happen 300 time in the time period of 400 years.

    Amazing no!!!!

    You can get this news from Enadu Daily Friday, February 3, 2012.

  11. Jo

    This is really sad. My one question is… If a woman gets pregnant, but the woman doesn’t know & the baby dies, is the woman able to get pregnant again while the dead fetus is inside her? I got pregnant a few years ago & miscarried a month into my pregnancy. Being in denial I never went to the doctors. I’ve been trying to get pregnant again with no luck & after reading about this, I can’t help but wonder if this is why. ???

    1. Xeno Post author

      A miscarriage should not keep you from having a child later.

      Can I Get Pregnant Following a Miscarriage?

      Yes. At least 85% of women who have miscarriages have subsequent normal pregnancies and births. Having a miscarriage does not necessarily mean you have a fertility problem. On the other hand, about 1%-2% of women may have repeated miscarriages (three or more). Some researchers believe this is related to an autoimmune response. (webmd)

      It is highly unlikely that you have a stone baby, but you could get a pre-pregancy medical check up to be sure. They might do an ultra-sound.

      An ectopic pregnancy which results in the destruction or removal of one Fallopian tube can reduce your ability to have a child, but some women have no problems conceiving with just one. (link)

    2. jen

      NO you CANNOT get pregnant while a dead fetus is inside you. Go take it out. Its in fact very dangerous for you alone.

  12. Chlo

    Jo at 1 month it’s so tiny around the size of top of your pinky they normally come away easily it’s as pregnancies self terminate (excuse that bit but its the medical term for miscarriage) further along you need help to remove baby/featus really hope you have/will fall very soon good luck really sorry you went through that hope it wasn’t alone as I don’t think it matters how far along you are you automatically love that bump immediately but next time get checked for piece of mind x

  13. Vicky

    I miscarriage 2 years ago and was given pills to flush it out. Recovering from surgry now cause of mass/tumor/cyst doctors did not know what to call it. As promised I was given pictures. It looks like a baby. Head with eyes, mouth, chest and arm. That was founded outside the utrus.
    I have never be able to carry, barely long enough to miss a period. Had 8 postive pregnacy test and lost them all. Always given pills to flush it out.
    Had alot of bactrica infection my old ob doctor blamed on my love for mountain dew. My new ob doctors said that mountain dew does not cause infections.
    Now I know alot of females are told the same thing about mountaun dew and other caffinee ddrinks. So becareful and seek another doctor. I will I did.
    For 2 years I had it in me. The pain grown til I was not about to walk. So I had to let them cut me open not knowing how it would turn out.

  14. pst becky

    She should cry to God for help and seek concel from her pastor. and she should go to d hospital befor she get there d holyspirit wil prepare a doctor dat wil handle her case

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