Woman dies 36 days after ‘bogus’ cure

By | July 9, 2008

Woman dies 36 days after bogus cure

A WOMAN died after a Stirling “doctor” gave her a bogus cancer cure, a parliamentary committee heard yesterday.

… Shannon died 36 days after receiving “ozone treatment”, in 2003, from a man known as Lubo Bitelco. Ms O’Donnell was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer in 2003 and went to Mr Bitelco after hearing from a friend about his treatments. He promised her a “50 per cent cure” after giving her a treatment known as “vaginal blowing” during which she had to move up and down on the bed saying “Oh, Boy”, Mrs O’Donnell said. … Ozone treatment is an alternative treatment that was widely condemned by experts after six Australians were found to have died from it in 2006. It usually involves administering ozone in gas form. The coroner found Ms O’Donnell had died from sepsis and that it was unclear whether the infection was from the treatment or whether the cancer was responsible. – news.au

A new low.

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