Woman Convicted of Terrorism under Patriot Act for Spanking Children on Airplane

By | January 22, 2009

One assumes that this sort of paranoid nonsense will stop soon now that Bush is out?

In America, over 200 people have been sent to prison for raising their voices on commercial airline flights, convicted of felonies under the laws of the Patriot Act.

One of those 200 people is Tamera Freeman, who spent three months in prison and was convicted of a felony for spanking her misbehaved children and raising her voice to a flight attendant. When the plane landed, she was arrested as a terrorist and eventually forced to plead guilty to felony crimes under the Patriot Act.

In another case, the LA Times reports, “a couple was arrested after an argument with a flight attendant, who claimed the couple was engaged in overt sexual activity. An FBI affidavit said the two were “embracing, kissing and acting in a manner that made other passengers uncomfortable.””

Kissing in public is an act of terrorism? Wow. It’s sort of difficult to call America the “land of the free” if you can be arrested for kissing in public, isn’t it? Sure, screaming babies and couples sharing saliva may be annoying to everybody else, but are they acts of terrorism? …

via Woman Convicted of Terrorism under Patriot Act for Spanking Children on Airplane.


Tamera Jo Freeman lost custody of her children after an incident on a Frontier Airlines flight. “A woman spanking her child is not as great a threat to aviation as members of Al Qaeda with box cutters,” says one expert. – latimes

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