Woman accused in bloody break-in

By | June 14, 2008

Woman accused in bloody break-in

Police have accused a 50th Avenue woman of breaking into her next-door neighbors’ house in April and smearing her own blood on the walls after the neighbors wouldn’t let her use their swimming pool, police said.

Elizabeth Gayle Feller, 23, is charged with two counts of first-degree burglary. Her blood matched the DNA profile, an affidavit said. Police learned that she had a disagreement with the neighbors about the use of the pool, police Lt. Ray Wright said.

Someone broke into the home April 7, threw items about and smeared blood on cabinets, doors, bed linens, furniture and walls, an affidavit said. The word “PIGS” and an obscene word were written in blood on the walls.

Another home on 50th Avenue was burglarized April 26. Similarly, items were thrown about, a mirror was broken and the burglar carved words into the walls with the broken shards, an affidavit said. – cha

This article comes from the Post and Courier.com ( http://www.postandcourier.com/news/2008/jun/13/woman_accused_bloody_break/). If you are Elizabeth or a friend of hers and you want to get an inaccurate article corrected, here is some contact info:

843-577-7111, Stephen S. Mullins, Managing Editor. News Department Reporters: Glenn Smith – Crime / Charleston life – gsmith, David W. MacDougall – Crime / General Assignment – macdougd, Dave Munday – Berkeley County / Crime – dmunday,

I posted the story here because it was a strange story and because, frankly, the accused has a very interesting photo. I think she’d be great in a movie. If she is cleared, I’d hope the Post and Courier would update or remove the article. I’ll be glad to do the same. Just email me.

There is a big debate / argument on dreamindemon (http://www.dreamindemon.com/forums/archive/index.php/t-5394.html) about this post being inaccurate, including some references back to this post. A person posting on Jan 19, 2010 claims to have called the criminal courts division and learned that the case is still pending/ no more details. “There is no evidence of a dismissal pending.”

6 thoughts on “Woman accused in bloody break-in

  1. Dr.Greg Kyser

    This article is full of misinformation. First of all, Ms. Feller was not convicted of either of these crimes. Secondly, Ms.Feller never had any confrontation with her neighbor about his pool- she had never met the man. The disagreement happened between Ms. Feller’s mother and the neighbor. The police report states this fact, and the neighbor told investagators that the argument was with Gayle Feller, not with Elizabeth. This is false information that is presented as fact, which is called lible. This article must be corrected, and Ms. Feller’s photo should be removed from this site, because she does not deserve to be treated like a criminal. This article is an obvious case of defamation and lible, and something must be done to rectify it.

  2. Mr. Dick Cheney, former VP

    I am sorry Dr. Kyser but I believe you may be full of misinformation. As former VP I believe I am qualified to make that judgment. And I may not be the smartest man but even I noted that you spelled “libel” wrong. Just which medical school did you graduate from?!?

  3. DreaminDemon dot com

    Hey on our website you said you were an Officer!!!! I’m feeling betrayed! Wait – are you full of shit?!

  4. Barb Dwyer, Esq

    Dr. Kyser, have you examined the patient and shrunk her head to an appropriate size, or will Ms Feller have to sue you for malpractice after she gets done with suing all the news outlets?

  5. Monica

    Well it appears to be obvious to me that the good “doctor” is just Elizabeth trying to cover her tracks. It’s pathetic honestly. Own up to your insanity.

    1. CH

      I am an ex boyfriend of Liz, and I stongly believe her to be not just capable of such ridiculous actions, but probably feels vindicated in them. She has shown an amazing tendency to be delusional. The official .gov websites from S.C confirm the story to be true BTW.

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