Wizard of Oz and the Dark Side of the Moon.

By | July 28, 2006

Wizard of Oz and the Dark Side of the MoonI’ve heard of this before, but I’ve never seen it until now. The unplanned synchronicity between the “Wizard of Oz” movie and the Pink Floyd album “Dark side of the Moon” is down right EERIE! Seriously, I know the mind fills in the blanks and all, but I about jumped out of my skin when the Wicked Witch shows up on a bicycle and the alarms all go off. The crazy Saxophone when the good witch appears is freaky too.

Check it out before it is pulled down. ( Uh, yeah, being single on a Friday night is great! Hehe. ) Oh wow, the line “Black and Blue” about 29 minutes in is way too much. And what about the line “Witches’ is Witch”!! I’m freakin’ out. 🙂

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