VW Redefines “Car” With a 170 MPG Diesel Hybrid

By | February 17, 2010

VW Redefines Car With a 170 MPG Diesel Hybrid

Volkswagen had quite a number of tricks up its sleeve at this year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, and the announcement that has undoubtedly received the most attention is the unveiling of the new “L1.†A car that, as Wired.com so eloquently put it, “redefines ‘car.’†This beautifully futuristic car is not only one of the most aerodynamic concept cars ever built, it’s shockingly efficient, achieving over 170 MPG, with a fuel tank that holds a mere 1.7 gallons. Numbers like these are likely to induce a double-take or two, but then again, so do the pictures. This would be one of the few moments when it’s absolutely okay to stare.

via Wired.com: VW Redefines “Car†With a 170 MPG Diesel Hybrid – VW TDI.

This is an older article but someone just told me about it so it must be getting some new advertising.

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