Wine flowing from Italian taps is hailed as a ‘miracle’

By | October 9, 2008

Sparkling chilled white wine instead of water flowed from the taps during the Marino Grape Festival – and as part of the event free wine flows from the main fountain in the square too.

However, due to a technical error the pipes from the local vineyard which supply the marble fountain were switched to the domestic supply feeding homes at Marino, in the famous wine-making Alban Hills, south of Rome.

So when mayor Adriano Palozzi, a priest and locals gathered round the fountain following a prayer of thanks to the Virgin Mary, with plastic glasses at the ready for Marino DOC they were left disappointed as instead of fresh win, out poured the usual water.

Then came the shout of “miracolo” from one house overlooking the square and a local rushed out onto her balcony to reveal that wine was flowing from her kitchen tap. … – telegraph

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