Win $50.00: Seeking places to include in a Subterranean Guide to North CA and Oregon

By | December 2, 2009

Win $50.00: Seeking places to include in a Subterranean Guide to North CA and OregonSUBMISSION DEADLINE: December 18, 2009.

My girlfriend and I writing a book: The 2010 Subterranean Guide, Northern CA and Oregon Edition.

We need your ideas for anything interesting below the surface of the Earth in our area…  a club, a bar, a cave, a lava tube, a mine, anything subterranean that we can visit and write about.

Ideas we have so far:

  1. Bear Gulch Cave and Balconies Cave at Pinnacles National Monument
  2. Black Chasm Cavern, National Natural Landmark
  3. Boyden Cavern
  4. California Cavern
  5. Empire Mine State Historic Park
  6. La Jolla Sea Caves
  7. Lake Shasta Caverns
  8. Lava Beds National Monument
  9. Mercer Caverns
  10. Moaning Cavern Adventure Park
  11. Pluto’s Cave, near Weed CA
  12. Sutter Gold Mine
  13. Subway Cave, Lassen Volcanic National Park

Email your location ideas to

Contest winner will be announced here. Winner is the person or team who gives us the best idea not already on the list above. It has to be in our area so we can visit it between Dec 20 and Dec 30 of 2009. Winner gets $50 and a free copy of the book. If two people make the same suggestion, the first email to arrive in my email inbox with the idea wins.

Good luck and thanks!


P. S. Does anyone have a  Leica DISTO D8 I can rent for Dec 20 to Dec 30 trip?

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