Will Aliens Give us a One World Government?

By | December 5, 2012

Will Aliens Give us a One World Government?

By now many have considered the possibility that fake aliens could be used, as perhaps fake terrorists have been, by a group seeking to rule the world.

See theupliftingcrane

Dr. Carol Rosin the former spokesperson for the late Wernher Von Braun an ex-Nazi who played an instrumental role in the NASA space program, says a false flag alien attack is a distinct possibility. In fact Von Braun told her shortly before his death (1977) that the first threat would be communism, than terrorism, than giant killer asteroids and finally space aliens. The only thing is that all of these threats would be lies and used as an excuse to consolidate power and militarize space.

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  1. Fred Killer

    One planet with one governmental body of regional councils is inevitable, necessary and I’d say desirable for the long-term survival of the planet and our species.

    The issue is the removal of corruption.

    Good luck.

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