Why is Bin Laden Silent? And Who is Mister Short Nose?

By | November 20, 2008

Peter Bergen is CNN’s national security analyst and a fellow at the New America Foundation in Washington and at New York University’s Center on Law and Security. His most recent book is “The Osama bin Laden I Know: An Oral History of al Qaeda’s Leader.”

… There could be several reasons for this. First, the bin Laden tape might still be in the pipeline and will surface in coming weeks after having wended its long way via a chain of couriers from his hide-out on the Afghan-Pakistan border to be uploaded to a jihadist Web site or delivered to an Arab TV station.

Second, bin Laden may have concluded that, given the widespread expectation that he would deliver an election-eve tape, discretion is the better part of valor and for security purposes, now is not the time to make an appearance on the world stage.

Third, militant targets in the tribal regions have been the subject of more than 20 American missile attacks this year — nine in October alone, according to a count by CNN’s Pakistan bureau — and that may have spooked the al Qaeda leadership, which has not been the subject of such intense missile strikes previously. – cnn

Or Bergen is mocking us and Bin Laden is silent because he is dead. Or don’t you believe foxnews?

What do you want, physical evidence of fraud?


Look at it. Look again. Match the nose with the face. How many different people are in these four photos, one or two?

The original bin Laden said he didn’t attack America (CNN)

… then an obvious fake, Mister Short Nose, saying he did.

In real tapes of bin Laden, however, which span from the late 1960s through 2000, he does consistently identify the United States as his No. 1 enemy.

If he struck successfully at his No. 1 enemy, why deny it?

Yes, short attention span filtered news readers, bin Laden did deny it.

“The terrorist act is the action of some American group. I have nothing to do with it,” the newspaper Khabrain quoted bin Laden as saying – rumormillnews

I think we need to be asking: Who is Mister Short Nose?

Perhaps we’ve been tricked! Perhaps it was Mister Short Nose’s group who attacked us on 9/11 and tried to frame bin Laden, in the same way Bruce Ivins (who also has a short nose) tried to frame Arab terrorists when he attacked America with anthrax.

Absurd you say, the evidence linking bin Laden to 9/11 is… well, listen to Dick Cheney:

Cheney admits there’s no proof linking Bin Laden to 9/11!

See twocircles for some items that simply don’t jibe with the official story.

* During the period 4-14th of July, 2001 (only two months prior to the 9/11-WTC terror attacks), Bin Laden was in the American Hospital in Dubai. According to the United Press International (Oct 31, 2001), Bin Laden underwent kidney surgery and treatment under Dr. Terry Callaway. According to both the French “Le Figaro” & the “Radio France International”, Bin Laden was visited by a top US-CIA agent. This report and the one below are further substantiated by CBS anchor Dan Rather, Peter Bergen, investigative journalist Barry Petersen and Prof. Michel Chussodovsky.

* More astonishing is the fact that just a day prior to the September 11 attacks, Bin Laden was undergoing treatment in the Military Hospital in Rawalpindi itself (Le Figaro – Jan 28, 2002). So both the Pakistani Military establishment and the ISI as well as the CIA were more than aware of Bin Laden’s whereabouts. …

Okay, well, Saddam did 9/11 then. That’s why we invaded Iraq! Um… No, listen to President Bush. He says there is no link between Iraq and the attacks of 9/11:

Bush admits that Iraq Had Nothing To Do With 9/11!

Where does this leave us? President Obama should start by going after Mister Short Nose, the Osama Impersonator. Whoever he is, he claimed to be responsible for 9/11, after all.

My hope is that the FBI and CIA under Obama will use the existing evidence, the stuff everyone has seen on the Internet, to build a new case, something any logical person can accept, so we can get back to trusting our government again … or at least not fearing it as many people did under Bush.

The Neocon’s endless and expensive “war on terror” can be declared ended with better detective work and political honesty.

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