Whitecaps’ Fifth Third Burger not for faint of heart

By | April 11, 2009

Whitecaps' Fifth Third Burger not for faint of heart

It’s a 5,000 calorie monstrosity created by the West Michigan Whitecaps that’s filled with meat, five slices of American cheese, chili, salsa, nacho cheese and Fritos. … A 16-year-old kid, Steve Landis, managed to be the first to finish. And his mom provided possibly the quote of the year for us. “I wasn’t quite sure. Should I be proud of him or not?”faniq

Start with an 8-inch sesame seed bun that requires 1 pound of dough and is made specially for the Whitecaps by Nantucket Baking Co. of Grand Rapids.

Spoon on nearly a cup of chili and place five one-third pound hamburger patties on top of that. (Get it, 5/3 pounds of beef for the Fifth Third Burger?)

Add five slices of American cheese and liberal doses of salsa, nacho cheese and Fritos. Top it off with lettuce, tomato and sour cream, and you have a burger that can be sliced with a pizza cutter and feed four people for $20. Jalapenos are optional.

If a single person can consume the entire 4-pound finished product in one sitting, the team plans to give him or her a special T-shirt.

“Besides being unique and large and bizarre, it tastes good,” Lane said. “I’m sure there are going to be crazies that come down and try to eat the entire thing.” …

But what about those health implications?

In addition to more than 4,800 calories — potentially the most caloric item ever offered at a ballpark — the Fifth Third Burger contains nearly 300 grams of fat, 744 milligrams of cholesterol and more than 10,000 milligrams of sodium. The smell alone might be 25 calories.

Not to worry, Lane said. Fifth Third Ballpark has plenty of healthy options, including salads and wraps, although many fans enjoy indulging at sporting events.

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