White House “new” 9/11 Pentagon Video shows nothing.

By | May 18, 2006

White House new 911 Pentagon Video shows nothing

“Why is it that 4 1/2 years later — after hyping that they are going to release this definitive video to show the plane hitting the Pentagon — they release blurry images that don’t show an airplane?”

I see long anti-conspiracy rants about how “hundreds of people” saw the plane that hit the Pentagon. (By the way, the eyewitness quote I heard said it looked like a missle with wings.) and anway this big anti-conspiracy theory article doesn’t even have a picture. People should look honestly at the evidence. Here it is. Looks small to me. … like a white missile. Can’t see any wings, tail, nose. Terrible visual. Why wait 4.5 years to release … this? VERY fishy. Odd how that tree in the background gets smeared when the object gets close. If they can add “Dept. of Defense” to the video, they could also add any object they wanted. A giant toaster. Seven silver swans. I made this animation for you all.

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