Where is her belly button?

By | November 18, 2008


This brazilian model “lost” her belly button as the Playboy magazine editors were retouching her body curves. The mistake went unnoticed, and the magazine sold 605,000 copies that month… lots of readers got pissed off when they realized they were wasting money on fake pictures. -weirdcoolpics

Karolina Kurkova, however, is the real deal. Her “invisible belly button” so unusual that a fake belly button is sometimes added to her photos.


In this photo, you can see that she actualy does have a belly button (so she’s probably human) but it is larger and flatter than most people’s.


3 thoughts on “Where is her belly button?

  1. someone

    she had surgery when she was a baby so instead of having a belly button she has a scar “dent”

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