What’s Old Is New: 12 Living Fossils

By | December 9, 2008

What's Old Is New: 12 Living Fossils

To navigate the currents of ecological fate, most creatures adapt — but a few have stuck to their evolutionary guns.

Known as living fossils, they lasted for millions of years with barely a change, even as their relatives went extinct or took different paths across the tree of life.

Many are now threatened or endangered. But with some luck and a little help, living fossils will be able to survive the age of humans, too.

The Purple frog, discovered just five years ago in western India, likely escaped detection because it lives underground, emerging for just two weeks during the monsoon season. Distinguished by a pointed snout, it’s related to a family of frogs now found only on the Seychelles islands, which split from India 100 million years ago.

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