What up, homes? McCain’s bad day at the ranch

By | August 22, 2008

… It was a simple question: How many homes do you own? Although polling is not yet available, conventional wisdom would indicate that most Americans can answer that question. An unscientific newsroom poll here at the Monitor backed that conventional wisdom: 100 percent of those polled could answer the question without hesitation. Remember, this was an unscientific poll, however. And the margin for error was 3 percentage points. So technically speaking the results could be 97 percent to 3 percent.

But the answer wasn’t simple for presidential candidate John McCain. …

Barack Obama’s campaign hit hard and fast. Within minutes of the story going live on the Internet, an email was sent out from the Obama campaign:

“This story about John McCain losing track of how many houses he owns is a telling moment that helps to explain why he still thinks ‘the fundamentals of our economy are strong’ and why he offers just more of the same economic policies that we’ve gotten from President Bush for the last eight years.” …

At a town hall meeting in Virginia, Obama was on message:

“If you don’t know how many houses you have then it’s not surprising that you might think that the economy was fundamentally strong,” Obama said. “But if you are like me and have one house or you are like the millions of people who are struggling to keep up with their mortgage so they don’t lose their home, you might have a different perspective.” – csmonitor

It is always funny to me that the little things are what cause political change. McCain may have a personal money manager who buys and sells homes for him, so he wouldn’t know how many he has at any point. The simple fact that he is pro-torture should have ended his chances at being president in a sane world.

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  1. Will Sonnet

    How can a man who doesn’t know how many homes he owns relate to the average American? He can’t.

    As for Obama’s home, and the malicious things said about how he got it, let me ask you homeowners a question…

    Do you know what those related to its purchase are doing with their money right now? Do you know whether it’s legal?

    Of course not.

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