What the heck is this little alien creature?

By | March 7, 2013

Dr. Greer is associated with some very interesting finds. This, for example:

I’ve seen something like this before. Compare to the images of a little “alien” I posted some time before April 2007. Is this a different creature?

Consider the little insectoid creature found alive in the Southern Chilean city of Concepcion on Oct 1, 2002. The child who found it in some bushes claims it stayed alive for about eight days, and sometimes opened its eyes. “It has a relatively large head, two arms with long fingers, and two legs.” It is hard to see the legs in the pictures.

Click alien pics to enlarge them, here for story.

According to paranormalnews, Arturo Mann, a veterinarian and professor of the University of Santo Tomas said it is the creole marsupial known as “monito de monte“. If so, it would have to be a deformed one.


What if ET resembles a bug? Would our government hide it from the people and make deals to obtain technology?

Here are some better images. If it is someone’s art project, who made it? I’d like to see a close up of the eyes, teeth and fingers. To me, this one looks more fake than the one I posted, but the photos are all too blurry to really tell.

Images courtesy of Ramón Navia-Osorio
President, of Instituto de Investigaciones Y Estudios Exobiologicos

Here’s my theory: The original is indeed a marsupial with it’s head down. The one above is a movie prop for a Beavis and Butthead movie.

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