‘Werewolf boy’ begs for cure to rare condition

By | August 17, 2008

Lately I’ve been wondering how many “myths” have a basis in fact. We’ve seen recently with the “monkey faced pig” story that a rare genetic condition (Holoprosencephaly) can lead to humans and other mammals having one eye (cyclops). Now another rare condition shows us that stories of werewolves probably also come from a rare genetic disorder. And for followers of the unusual, it will be no surprise that this story comes from India.

11-year-old Pruthviraj Patil has suffered from hypertrichosis, a rare genetic condition also known as Werewolf Syndrome, since birth. His face and body are covered with hair and he is baffling medical experts. On a planet with 6.7 billion people, he may be one of only 50 with this condition. Pruthviraj’s family has tried homeopathy, traditional Indian Ayurvedic remedies even  laser surgery without success. He is now appealing to doctors to help him find a permanent cure since even after laser treatment the hair grows back. Vinay Saoji, a plastic surgeon who examined Pruthviraj, said that the boy was suffering from one of the rarest genetic conditions. A cure will allow him to live a more normal life. Pruthviraj rarely leaves his home village in India because of the cruelty of strangers.

49 thoughts on “‘Werewolf boy’ begs for cure to rare condition

  1. Person

    Wow that is so sad i hope they find a cure it’s so sad when you have a disease thats so rare that completly changes your appearence

  2. Shirley

    Ah, I remebered when I watch the document about this boy. I felt bad for him because he’s mentioned how he wants to be like the other kids and how he likes it when he can see his face. As well with the family. I hope scientists will find some kinda cure to help him out and also the little girl.

  3. andrea harper

    i think its something he should be proud of. it shows his unique character. i wish all the time i could be a vampire and a werewolfs not that different i love you for that kid. keep your head up and embrace who you are!

  4. Vixen

    U all keep calling it a disease, its sad because most ppl dont look like that but maybe its the way its supposed to be. research shows humans are more closley related to the lupus or wild dog, not apes or watever. which means ppl are starting to follow our ancestry back. i think its a sad but beautiful thing that we are changing back.one day we may look like our amazing ancestry of wolves.

    1. uranidiot

      That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard in my life! People are more closely related to *wolves* than to *apes*? Have you ever taken biology? Or been to a freaking zoo??? Use your brain and stop spreading asinine lies on the internet.

      1. Amber Hi

        Hey shut up Uranidiot you are dumb Vixen can be right you know matter of fact she IS right on my account I suppose you havent took biology at all and you stop spreading lies on the internet Use your brain and stop twisting it around your butt OK I hope you learned somthing valuable in your life and if you did you probably NEVER used it so next time dont be so critical to what people have to say OK sorry if I blowed next time be nicer to people thats all im saying!!! And I love you werewolve boy and I will pray for you to find a cure I lov you it will always be OK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :] :]:]:];]

        1. Skillz phillips

          Listen this boy does not have a disease jus a condition he will have to live with. God gave him this for a reason be thankful you are still alive n can breath or see or even talk. If laser surgery cannot remove those hair folicles then i really dnt think he will get a cure. If scientist can figure out how to get rid of that hair then they should have the ability o figure out more of what this genetic condition is. Also amber uranidoit is correct humans are more like the ape n monkey family. We humans have similar skeletol structures as apes, they learn as we do they clearly understand what we say if scientist can teach them shapes colors n foods n also how to dress themselves so you really need to do your research n try not to make yourself look ignorant towards subjects that is not of your knowledge.

    2. Amber Hi

      Im totaly on yourside with this Uranidiot is an idiot but you are AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Casey

    It is sad to have people make fun of this kid. He’s having a hard time. But really wolfs that’s amazing to be related to a wolf!

    1. aaron a

      no ones related to a wolf, not even himself. his condition just makes it so the hair on his face and body, which we all have, grows faster, longer, and thicker. he is related to apes as you and I.

  6. Raj MK

    Pruthviraj Patil, you are an amazing boy. You are gifted with something that very few others have. Yes it makes u stand out but standing out isnt always a bad thing. However, since u have your mind set on finding a cure…i hope they do find u one very soon. I will pray for you, just as any and every other person who reads about u should.

  7. secret_werewolf

    You are like me. I do not have this “condition”, but I do also stand out. It’s not my appearance, though. Keep your head high, and be patient for a cure. I’m absolutely sure they will find one. Remember, you are not the only one to stand out in this world.

  8. Connor A

    Hail, Hail, Hail, great wolf spirit, Hail!
    A boon I ask thee, mighty shade.
    Within this circle I have made.
    Make me a werewolf strong and bold.
    The terror alike of young and old.
    Grant me a figure tall and spare;
    The speed of the elk, the claws of the bear;
    The poison of snakes, the wit of the fox;
    The stealth of the wolf, the strength of the ox;
    The jaws of the tiger, the teeth of the shark;
    The eyes of a cat that sees in the dark;
    Make me climb like a monkey, scent like a dog;
    Swim like a fish, and eat like a hog.
    Haste, Haste, Haste, lonely spirit, Haste!
    Here, wan and drear, magic spell making,
    Findest thou me – shaking, quaking.
    Softly fan me as I lie.
    And thy mystic touch apply.
    Touch apply, and I swear that when I die,
    When I die, I will serve thee evermore,
    Evermore, in grey wolf land, cold and raw.”

  9. Shelbel

    I feel so bad for him!! I want to hug him and tell him it’s ok!! Hopefully the doctors find a cure soon so he won’t be ridiculed by strangers anymore…

  10. Hanne

    kid I don’t know old you are now. But hopefully they have found you a cure. See i was just looking up werewolves because I love the Twilight series. And i saw you. I think you should be proud. God made you this way for a reason. And it definetly wasn’t to be laughed at. i think you should give the Twilight series a try. You may think of yourself differently. And let me tell you, now there are so many girls in love with the werewolf in the story. But they can’t exactly love him because he isn’t real, now being able to be a real werewolf in my prospective is pretty cool. And probably other girls think so too. Best of luck.

    1. arnold

      belahi 3aleek ya ebn l mara ba3d kol da w bets2al… akked l2
      which means after all of this, with the kids appearance the answer is NO

  11. Crystal

    There was once a royal family which had the same condition. Couldn’t tell you where they were from, though. Frankly, I think the boy is quite beautiful.

  12. Jackie

    He’s actually kinda cute when he smiles. It’s sad that people make fun of him, when he isn’t
    Although, my question is, couldn’t he shave every day like those high school boys that shave their beards every day?

  13. CHERYL

    I really pity that boy, he’s such a cute little boy. This is amazing& does Werewolf Syndrome really exist? I really don’t understands why the people in his village have to make fun of him, how would they feel if the same thing happen to them? It’s so cruel of them! The boy need encouragements but not those cruel acts. All in all, I just hope that the boy’ll get cure soon. BE BRAVE, Pruthviraj Patil. 🙂

  14. WOLFLOVER14327

    awwwwww the poor thing i hope they can help him. D…: i think this is wat the myths about werewolves came from. i hope that wen hes cured, the other kids will acept him 4 who he is. scratch that. i hope the will acept him NOW. thats cruel and unusuALA punishment 4 something he couldnt help.

  15. HAHAfreak

    HAHAHA, Thats the most Hairy dude i’ve ever seen. This is a freakshow for sure. I wonder how many times monthly he gotta shave his face. i bet he cuts it very often though. His a FREAKING emo. And thats for sure. It gotta be the First Freak of The World. I searched up ”Werewolf” at google. And this is what it comes up with? Give me a break…… His not a freaking werewolf. Can’t compare him to that. I’d rather say his a monkey. a god damn freaking monkey. Go back to the jungle where you belong kiddo.

  16. Shae

    I dont see the big deal.
    Considering how “in” werewolfs are now
    days.. Gotta hate trends. Maybe there
    is a girl out there who would love to
    date a “werewolf”. Use what you have.

    Personally. I cant even grow sideburns,
    no hair on my jaw or most of my jawline
    and im 22 white male. I have more hair
    on my cheeks just below my eyes, which
    is weird. Wax on, wax off!

  17. Eve

    Omg… I’m amaze these things do happen and I don’t think it’s kind of strangers to laugh or mock at them. They don’t want this.

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