Website warned over MMR claims

By | August 8, 2012

Website warned over MMR claims

A website offering parents advice on vaccines has been ordered to remove information about the MMR jab after claiming it could be linked to autism. said the three-in-one jab may be causing “up to 10%” of autism in children in the UK. But the Advertising Standards Authority ruled the claim was misleading and must not appear again, after getting a complaint.

The website was also told not to repeat other claims it made about MMR. These included the suggestion that “most experts now agree the large rise in autism has been caused partly by increased diagnosis, but also by a real increase in the number of children with autism”.

Another claim said the vaccine-strain measles virus had been found in the gut and brain of some autistic children, which supports many parents’ belief that the MMR vaccine caused autism in their children. Defending the claims, Babyjabs referred to a study from 2002 which concluded it could not be ruled out that there were some children who had an increased risk of autism if they were vaccinated.

The website, which promotes single vaccines, also cited The Truth About Vaccines, a book written by Babyjab medical director Dr Richard Halvorsen, which made similar claims.

In the judgement, the ASA noted that the website made clear that the original allegations of a link between the MMR vaccine and autism by Andrew Wakefield was “strongly rejected” by government and the medical establishment. But it said consumers were likely to infer from the website’s claims that the vaccine might have played a role in the “increase” of the number of children with autism.

via BBC News – Website warned over MMR claims.

We must be allowed to kill your children without you doing any complaining or alarming of others. I’m sure you understand. This is a $33.8 billion/yr business. And yes, of course, we were the ones who complained. Sincerely, Big Pfizer

The Natural News had this to say in 2011:

Japan halts vaccines from Pfizer, Sanofi after deaths of four children

The deaths just keep mounting all across the world: Children are collapsing into comas and then dying, just minutes after receiving combination vaccines that have been deceptively marketed as “completely safe.” Last year, Australia temporarily banned flu vaccines in children after they were found to have caused vomiting, fevers and seizures (

Today the damage from vaccines is emerging in Japan, where the health ministry has suspended the use of vaccines from Pfizer and Sanofi-Aventis following the deaths of four children there who died within minutes after receiving these vaccine shots.

All four children received combination vaccines, where multiple shots are combined into one high-potency injection. MMR is another example of a combination vaccine shot that combines vaccines for measles, mumps and rubella. There is very strong evidence that vaccines are far more dangerous when given in combination than when given one at a time ( (

The great vaccine damage cover-up

What will now happen in Japan is that a group of vaccine safety experts will meet to discuss the vaccines, and no doubt most of the members of that group will be paid off by Big Pharma. Within a day or two, a statement will be issued that states there is “no causal relationship exists between vaccines and child deaths” and the vaccine program will continue as usual. The ongoing deaths of children will be ignored or explained away as “mere coincidence.”

How many coincidences does it take to make a pattern? If you’re one of the brainwashed vaccine zealots, there is never a pattern. ALL deaths are automatically considered “coincidence,” no matter how many occur or how frequently they appear. A true scientist, of course, would observe the pattern and realize there is a cause-and-effect phenomenon taking place. But then again, vaccine zealots are nothing like real scientists. They are propagandists.

My wild and irresponsible theory is that they are far more advanced than anyone suspects and the vaccines contain genetic weapons. If your child has the super genes to become a powerful healthy future leader who will threaten the system, the vaccine will kill them instantly.


5 thoughts on “Website warned over MMR claims

  1. not jeb bush

    my advice: buy a rifle, buy some ammunition for said rifle, fight the power. i’m ready to confront the .01% and their bought-and-paid-for cronies in the streets, are you? think about that, and then instead of whining on the internet in a blog few will ever see, prepare for the war to come when we fight for our childrens future freedom health and safety.

    1. Xeno Post author

      A rifle in the streets does not sound effective. You’ll die at the hands of much more sophisticated weapons without notably improving the world. Education of the miserable masses is my choice to make the biggest possible difference. I want us to make it! I want us to evolve, to thrive, to understand and overcome our fear of success. Control of the media is what allows this BS to happen. Fight that.

  2. Kevin

    We should kill all the bees. Tons of people die of bee stings a year, that’s enough to warrant full scale assault on those yellow bastards! Honestly injections are a must in a modern society, if you’re a parent you can request to have them spaced out instead of one mega shot. It’s easy to get up in arms when people start mentioning children, the second I became a dad it was like hearing things for the first time. Every single aspect of society is fear mongering that focuses on “the children”. They use our children against us the second they are conceived. Not saying this stuff is incorrect or without merit but it is not an epidemic either. Just something that needs to be looked at like any other advance in humanity. We evolve in lurches and conflict, not in a smooth grade.

  3. Brendan

    So Xeno I don’t know if you are being sarcastic but I do have something for you to ponder on the subject. Do a quick risk-benefit analysis of the MMR vaccine for a second.

    So first of all whether you think it contains something horrible or not the simple fact is that it works. All three of those diseases put together now have sub-1000 cases per year. I don’t know what the sum total of the deaths are, because I can’t find that. Mumps however has only 2 deaths on average annually associated with it. These were probably caused by “anti vaccine” moms and dads, or co-morbidity with immunocompromising disease. In 1969 there were just shy of 109,000 cases of rubella alone according to the cia factbook, and comfirmed by medpub.

    So we’ve established it works. Let’s just put something out there: the autism study said it couldn’t *rule out* a causalogical link to the MMR vaccine. They had very strong evidence to rule out said link, but not 4 sigma strong. However, even IF there is a link to autism it doesn’t matter.

    The simple fact of the matter is not one, but all three diseases have a *proven,* studied, and well researched causalogical link to mental retardation. People with autism are generally somewhat higher functioning than those with mental retardation. From Medpub:

    “during the first 20 years of vaccine licensure have been enormous. In this period it is estimated that vaccination against measles has prevented 52 million cases, 5,200 deaths, and 17,400 cases of mental retardation, achieving a net savings of $5.1 billion”

    The MMR vaccine has caused deaths obviously. Anyone who claims otherwise hasn’t read any international news. The thing is that is a completely non-unique argument! The smallpox vaccine (last decade of use) killed 250/Million, and far more than a million have taken the MMR vaccine, while less than 250 have died (only a little less.)

    There is literally no way to factually spin things to say that vaccine hasn’t benefited mankind. Sure you can say there is some overarching conspiracy, and all the data from the past has been altered. But my grandparents and great grandparents (I’m only 25) remember reading about outbreaks causing deaths.

    This scare has been caused by a small amount of deaths, and a link to autism that is nothing but grasping at straws related to a study. It might sound cold to say a small amount, but keep in mind over 500 *Million* vaccines have been given. 188/500,000,000+…that’s like being struck by lightning twice, maybe even three times. Having kids at an older age and passing on mutations makes a LOT more sense on all levels to explain the prevalance of autism. Also the DSM criteria have been revised, and awareness among parents is at an all-time high.

    Finally, you can space the vaccines out for even LESS risk (less than ~188/500,000,000), and you can literally watch the vaccine work under a microscope. If you can explain that one you get some kind of supercookie.

    The government is incredibly inefficient and full of poor performers. Do you have any idea how hard unions would make a conspiracy in a non right-to-work state? Obama couldn’t even keep his mouth shut about stuxnet or the Bin Laden raid. Bush couldn’t keep the lid on freaking CIA intelligence that made him look like a moron.

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